Here comes the bride!

Here comes the bride, all dressed in white, hmm hmm hmm hmm……. Oh sorry I was just jamming out. Anyway, this weekend my cousin got married in Utah, and I got to skip not one, but one and A HALF days of school. Sure I have a lot of home work now, but it was totally worth it! I left school around 11:00 on Thursday (so I left school after third period) and we headed to the airport. After 2 brutal hours of plane riding we FINALLY landed, and headed to the hotel. At the hotel we hung out a bit and then went to the dinner. The next day we had the rehearsal wedding. ( which by the way, maybe I told you that I was IN the wedding. Hmm I didn’t tell you? Well now you know.) The next day we got up early and got our hair done all curled and stuff, but my hair was shorter than my sister’s, so when it curled I looked like one of those dolls from the 1800’s. After our hair was done we had dinner, slipped on our dresses and POOF! We were ready for battle! Or er…… The wedding I mean. We showed up and got these flower crown things, made of REAL flowers! I mean who gives kids real flowers? Anyway, it made me look like a Greek goddess from the 1800’s. Well if there were ancient Greeks in the 1800’s…….. The wedding was a blast!!! We danced so much ( and by the way I did the worm) we ate amazing food and we partied ALL NIGHT LONG!! Or until 10:45 anyway….. Same thing! Utah is so much fun and this experience is one I will remember for a LOOOONG time!!

14 thoughts on “Here comes the bride!

  1. The wedding sounds super fun! I hope you had a good time. I am sure you were a beautiful Greek goddess doll. This post was hilarious, I laughed so much while reading it!

  2. Sophie! That’s so much fun… You are such a talented writer and your wonderful personality comes out when you tell stories. I love it!

  3. I bet you were a weird looking ancient greek goddess from the 1800s. How did you even do that? My hairs like a poofy machine 😉 What type cake did you eat?

  4. You were totally a Greek goddess doll from the 1800s. Actually, you were STUNNING! It was such a special day, and you were lucky to get to participate. Cousins are really just the best relationships, aren’t they? I love your descriptions of our weekend… you made me laugh!

  5. I walked down the aisle carrying a sign covered in these pretty awesome flowers, each of my sisters held one, and one said “here” the next one said “comes” and the last one said “Abby”. ( Abby is my cousin who got married, so I have NO idea why we would carry a sign with her name on it?) and we also brought the rings up which was….. Interesting……

  6. We actually did not eat cake we ate pies that my cousin made ALL BY HERSELF, so yeah no one did any hard labor to make the pies for the wedding only my cousin?. ( not the one who got married, her sister.) And of course I was weird looking but I was cool with it. ( everyone needs a little flair??) The lady at the salon had to put A LOT of hair spray in my hair to make the curls stay, so the next day they were still curly, which kind of freaked me out: one day flat, The next curly. I mean really, hair make up your mind.

  7. That plane ride to Utah can indeed be brutal! On one of our trips, the pilot explained that turbulence over the mountains is perfectly normal, so we shouldn’t worry if we felt a few jolts. Yikes! We felt more than a few of those jolts!

    I like hearing about weddings now that I’m helping my daughter plan her wedding 🙂

    • At some point it got crazy bumpy, but then it evened out. I hope you have fun at your daughter’s wedding, where is it going to be?

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