Today I have a well deserved book review. This is maybe one of my all time favorite books: Divergent. I have been reading the first book nonstop, and I have finished the whole 500 page book in 2 days! I haven’t read the other books in the series yet, because I only bought the first one to try it out. Now I know that I will be reading the other three.

Divergent is set in a dystopian world, where instead of belonging to a neighborhood, you belong in different factions: Abnegation, Amity, Erudite, Dauntless, or Candor. Each faction has different values, and when you become sixteen (a legal adult), you choose which faction you belong in. The main character Beatrice, has turned sixteen, and will have to choose her faction. The aptitude test show her results as Divergent, which means she doesn’t just fit in one faction and shows she is a threat to others.

I cant give away much, so go read the book yourself! I really recommend it, and I think that it has something in it for everyone.



And the Ground Shakes…

“Kids! Get under your desks!”


We all droped down to the floor as fast as lightning.

The ground shook violently under our feet, but we were shaking far more.

We were shaking far more.

This one girl was crying.

The teacher was pacing.

I was praying.

An earthquake had just struck, and being a 1st grader, I was very creeped out. Now, this wasn’t a huge one, just mild, but gigantic compared to how big I was. Did we do anything to deserve this? Did we? We were just reading. What was wrong with that? There was nothing we could do. Just sit under our desks while they wobbled, and hope, pray, for the best.

Soon it would be over… right? It’s just going to last a second longer, and it’s only temporary. RIGHT?? I didn’t know what was going to happen, that’s what scared me the most. It’s not fun to be terrified, but that’s what I was.




But here I am. Alive and well. This goes to show pain is only temporary… and there’s no reason to worry. Many of the things that happen in life are only temporary. If only we could be reassured every time something bad happens. But we can’t. We just have to pray for the best.

The Lion

His body was tall

And powerful

And fire-orange,

As he passed through the woods,

He jumped

And pounded

A rabbit

That way dead and lying.

And I saw the flash of a yellow mane,

And rows of sharp teeth,

And eyes of icy-blue,

Small, slit, and stealth.

Then out from the trees,

With those sharpened claws

Shearing without a sound



He ran;

That strange animal,




Part panther,

Part shark,

Part neither–for his heart was stone.

This poem was inspired by Edwin John Pratts “The Shark”. I really enjoyed writing this poem, because even though it was inspired by Pratts’  poem, it is unlike anything else I’ve written. Hope you enjoyed! 


Why Homework Doesn’t Help Us (At All)

Think about all the late night, early morning stress of homework. If homework was banned, think of how much more enjoyable school would be. And isn’t that what teachers want? For us to be able to go through school without worry? Well, homework isn’t contributing to that at all.

After school is a time for us to do other activities. How many successful people made a good living off of doing well in school? I understand the importance of school, but not the importance of school away from school (aka homework). The kids who stay inside doing homework all day, they could be famous basketball players, or artists! But they will never reach their full potential because homework is holding them back. These kids have the ability to change the world. But I mean that isn’t really important, the world could just stay corrupt and messed up, so, more homework for everyone! NO! We need our time, the time that we deserve.

And, when we do homework, our stress is the only thing growing. Homework is just a review of what we already know, so if we know it, how do we get smarter by just doing it again? I know, I know, “practice makes perfect” but why can’t we just practice at school? We have a whole 7 hours here! Surely we have enough time to do that extra worksheet. And I don’t know about you, but homework doesn’t make me feel more confident in my work, it makes me feel like I’m still doing something wrong and it’s stressful! To be honest, my homework grades are probably my worst grades. And not because I didn’t do it, just because there is no motivation to do it!

So, now you know why I’m against homework. Why can’t we just ban it altogether! If you enjoy homework (for any reason), just why? What does it do? I can guarantee that a lot of people agree with me on this, and, “majority rules” doesn’t it? I can’t wait for the day when homework is history.

The Worst Camping Trip

Before you read this, you should know 2 things. 1) My family LOVES to camp. 2) We always have bad luck camping.

It was a fun day camping. Marshmallows getting golden brown and crispy over the campfire, hikes along trails, trees being climbed. It was a great day, but I wouldn’t say the same thing about that night… Let me start over, and tell you from the beginning…

We arrived around lunchtime, ready for adventure. Car drove in, we were stopping every 5 seconds looking into the distance. We searched for the perfect campsite. “No” and “Not that one” and “I don’t like it.” Until we found one, “How about that one?” My brother suggested, “perfect!” Everyone exclaimed.

The tent went up, the food came out, the fun had started. The day was spent outside, doing just about every hike that was possible. As nighttime arose, we all snuggled next to a fire roasting marshmallows until they were melted. It had been a good day. Until about 3 hours later…

Snuggled in a semi-warm sleeping bag, I awoke. The sound of wind circled in my ears. Panic was filling the air like we’d filled our s’mores with chocolate. The tent shook back and fourth, failing to protect us. Wet tears filled my terrified eyes. “I’m going to die!” Was the only thought that I had. Urgently, we ran to the car for some safety. This part I don’t really remember. All I remember is my dad, outside, struggling to stand, as he was getting all of our stuff in the car, and how horrified I was.

Driving away took days–no, years. Nothing in sight except lightning and falling trees in the distance. No place to stay. But what else were we to do? We kept driving. And it had payed off. Not too far ahead, we saw something. What was it? “A hotel!” I have never been as relieved as I was now. The car sped up. We got there. Finally. It had been an awful night.




The Strep Throat Test…

“Open your mouth, say aaaahhhhhh….” It’s never good enough. “Open wider and hold it longer.” I always dread getting the strep throat test.

First of all, it hurts! It feels like the nurse is reaching down to your stomach, and just feels awful! When I last got the test she shoved it back, then wiggled it around! What is she thinking? Does she not know how bad this is?! And if you do have strep throat, your throat already doesn’t feel good, but to make it as bad as possible, we have to get this stupid test! So overall, the strep throat test is just dreadful and awful.

In addition to it hurting, it’s never good enough for them. I will open wide thinking, ” let’s just open wide and get it over with.” But the nurse says, with the darn stick in my mouth, “a little wider sweetie.” Then I can’t take it. I close my mouth and choke up the stick. “I won’t do it!” I can’t put up with these nurses when I’m trying, but they don’t care AND when it’s not good enough.

The strep throat test is terrible, absolutely horrifying. Next time, if I get strep throat, you can bet I won’t get along with the nurse. You might find me in bed refusing to go to the doctor. So, my point is, life would be a lot better if we didn’t take the dreadful strep throat test.


Healthy Chocolate Oatmeal Bars!

via moneysavingmom.com

Hi everyone! Over the last week, my family has loved these chocolate oatmeal bars. They are really good, but fairly healthy too! Click here for the recipe.

I love to bake, so I found this recipe online and thought it was worth a try. I made them, and we ate the whole pan in one day! Since they were a hit, I made another batch. This time, instead of using peanut butter, I tried 1/2 peanut butter and 1/2 chocolate hazelnut butter. It was so good! So, if you are allergic to peanuts, then you can just substitute the butters, which is great! This recipe was devoured again, and I made another pan-full. We used almond butter, and again it tasted delicious.

I think that this recipe is worth a try, especially if you love to bake. It is great for everyone, my 4-year-old brother, who is normally very picky, ate more than everyone else. I hope that you enjoyed this recipe, and that you try these bars. See you again next week!


In English, we are studying The Phantom of The Opera. In one of the scenes the main character, Christine, takes off the Phantoms mask as he sings to her. In the script, there is not much written about this, so I decided to rewrite it in my own way. Hope you enjoy!

Christine’s mind was leading her in every direction as her angel sang to her. All she could focus on was her hurricane of thoughts, and the faint music from the Angel. Her

swirled mind made her dizzy, as if she were on a tire swing. The swing was getting out of control, and Christine needed to grab onto something, something to hold. Her hand rose through the air, towards her Angel of Music.  She caught onto it, and by “it”, I mean the mask. Continue reading Unmasked

Nothing to write about…

You know those weeks when absolutely nothing has happened? Kline when someone you haven’t seen in a while says, “what’s new?” And you’re like “nothing really.” That’s what I feel like now (if you haven’t already guessed). I’ve been putting off this blog post in case something happens. Nothing. Although, after I write this, I will probably remember something. You know that feeling… Well just to get through this, let me tell you how part of my week went…

Saturday: birthday party (not much happened to write about), shopping

Sunday: church (that’s all I remember)

Monday: school

Tuesday: school, tumbling

Wednesday: school

Thursday: school (I don’t know about anything else)

Anyways, I’m sure a lot of people can relate (you’re lucky if you can’t) I hope you enjoyed this… And I’m sure I will have something better next week.

The Best Time of the Year…

Before we start, I wanted to say that I’ve been holding off this post until December. And guess what day it is today… December 1st! I would’ve written it earlier, but I thought today was an appropriate time. That’s all I wanted to say, so let’s get into it!

Oh the tree, the big, wild tree. The tree that took three hours to put the lights on. Yeah, that tree. The tree with all those expensive ornaments (p.s. If you want to know how to get mom frustrated, just break one of those…) up, up, up that tree goes! The tree that sits in our living room, with presents order its leafy toes…

Oh, I love Christmas time! I love sitting on the couch watching Hallamark Christmas movies  with my family. Standing, baking those Christmas cookies… It’ll be here before we know it. But now we wait, and wait, and wait. But it’ll come. It’ll come before we know it.