ISR Book


                                                          Ready Player One

 My book is about a kid named Wade that has had a problem with his parents by taking drugs and drinking too much. Wade has a game system called OASIS, the creator of OASIS made a video for when he passed away there would be an Easter egg for all the users in OASIS. Who ever found the Easter egg first would be the next creator of OASIS and would get to do anything to the game, the leader boards were tight. The first leader was a person named Art3mis, at first everyone thought that the person was so famous for what they did. To find out what happens go and read the book Ready Player One. I suggest you read this book it’s a really good book. 

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  1. I really liked this book, and all the action in it. You should see the movie (if you haven’t) it has really good twists like the book.

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