May 12

Things NOT do in 7th Grade

This goes out to all of the coming 7th graders for the next school year. I’m going to tell you 3 things on what not to do in 7th grade, and if you do one of these then…. good luck.

  1. Don’t take your language lightly– In other words, YOU SHOULD STUDY FOR THIS CLASS! I don’t care if you claim that you don’t need to study because for this class, you do! It’s not like a new language is just already gonna be in your head.(Unless you already know that language and just want high school credit) This would be a NEW language that u have to understand, speak and write! If you want to get credit or do any good in that clas then STUDY!!!!!!
  2. Don’t take your teachers lightly- In 7th grade, there are actually some teachers who will count you tardy and will be strict with you on assignments. They WILL question when you say you have to go somewhere, so good luck trying to fool 7th grade teachers!
  3. DON’T ANGER YOU COACHES- They show no mercy and whatever you do; DO NOT make a bad impression. They will make your life miserable. I’ve seen this happen to my classmates before! This is a WARNING!!!!!
April 28

How This Year Has Impacted Me

This year has really impacted me. I used to remember on how in the beginning of the year I would study hard, remember everything, wake up early and now that is just NOT happening.

1st of all, my sleep schedule used to be great! I would go to bed at 9-9:30 and wake up at 6:40, but now that is just not the case. I go to sleep at 11 and wake up at 7:00-7:15, and to top it all off, I am half dead in the morning. I was excited before and now I’m like ” Ugh, school again!”

2nd of all, I would study and care about doing my homework and care about my grades, but that has changed. I study last minute (don’t study that hard either) do my homework later than usual also! I would do it straight after I got home, but now I just push it off until the last minute.

As you can tell, this year I have gotten more lazy about schoolwork, but hey at least I still do it! I really do hope that in high school this will change, and it probably will. In other words I used to be on top of things, but not anymore.

April 14

Prized Possesion

When I was little, I had to watch my Leap Frog DVD.

It taught me the letters, and the song for each letter was soooo catchy. It would teach me the letters sounds, and I would force everyone to watch it with me.

It also had a great way of keeping me focused when they explained the letters. Most children have a short attention span, but it was so good that I actually didn’t get distracted.

Whenever I would watch it, it would always make me laugh, and I would sing along! Now I laugh looking back at those days!

Without it, I wouldn’t know what else I would’ve done to be honest. Nowadays my sister watches it, and I might still sing along to it….

April 8


A Small Story about the Sky

By: Alberto Rio

The fire was so fierce,
So red, so gray, so yellow
That, along with the land,
It burned part of the sky
Which stayed black in that corner
For years,
As if it were night there
Even in the daytime,
A piece of the sky burnt
And which then
Could not be counted on
Even by the birds.
It was a regular fire—
Terrible—we forget this
About fire—terrible
And full of pride.  
It intended to be
Big, no regular fire.  
Like so many of us,
It intended to be more
And this time was.
It was not better or worse
Than any other fire
Growing up.  
But this time, it was a fire
At just the right time
And in just the right place—
If you think like a fire—
A place it could do something big.
Its flames reached out
With ten thousand pincers,
As if the fire
Were made of beetles and scorpions
Clawing themselves to get up,
Pinching the air itself
And climbing,
So many sharp animals
On each other’s backs
Then into the air itself,
Ten thousand snaps and pinches
At least,
So that if the sky
Was made of something,
It could not get away this time.
Finally the fire
Caught the sky,
Which acted like a slow rabbit
Which had made a miscalculation.
It didn’t believe this could happen
And so it ran left,
Right into the thin toothpicks of flames,
Too fast to pull back,
The sky with all its arms,
Hands, fingers, fingernails,
All of it
The sky stayed black
For several years after.
I wanted to tell you
This small story
About the sky.
It’s a good one
And explains why the sky
Comes so slowly in the morning,
Still unsure of what’s here.  
But the story is not mine.
It was written by fire,
That same small fire
That wanted to come home
With something of its own
To tell,
And it did,
A small piece of blue in its mouth.
I  really like this post because of how it is written. It makes the sky sound like a person; also, it first talks about the fire. Than it talks about what happened to the sky, and the aftermath. This poem is truly amazing.
April 1

Three Tourist Attractions

Are you bored with staying home all day? Do you want to go places and see new things? If you have said yes to any of these questions, then you have came to the right place.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Usa

Pixabay CC0

Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful park, and believe it or not, it was the first National Park in the United States. Located in Wyoming, at the park  you would get to see wildlife, hot springs and geysers. From getting to hike to having picnics, if you love the outdoors and want some adventure; Yellowstone National Park is the one for you.

Walt Disney World

Cinderella'S Castle, Walt Disney World

Pixabay CC0

Do you love Disney? If so then this is the magical place to be. From seeing princesses to going on roller coasters, you are bound to have fun. It has diffrent parks and all are amazing. They even have some water parks! If you want to have a good time, then come to Walt Disney World!

Statue of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty, New York, Ny, Nyc

Pixabay CC0

Ah, the Statue of Liberty, located in New York! It was a gift from France to show friendship, and now is a great tourist attraction. Going from here, you could take a ferry ride to a historical museum! Doesn’t that sound fun? Trust me, you especially would want to see this beauty in real life! It’s truly magnificent, and will make your jaw drop!






March 4


Everybody has worn a mask once in their life, or maybe you’ve worn it more than once in your life. I know that I have.

People wear masks to cover what they’re really feeling. Some just smile to hide pain. For example, if someone’s hurting, they can use a mask and everyone will think that they’re fine, but in reality they’re not. Masks can be very helpful when you want to hide feelings.

People can actually use masks to cover their true identity. Like a murderer can pretend to be someone else. For example, if a murderer says that their name is Joe, but their name is actually Bob. That will confuse people. This is more of a figurative way of using masks, but it is another way.

I doubt that there will be a time when someone doesn’t wear a mask. Everyone will wear one and it could be for a good reason or a bad one. It really depends on how you look at things.

February 11

Alessia Cara Concert!

I’ve gotta admit, at first I didn’t want to go. I kept complaining about not knowing her or her music, but sadly that didn’t stop my best friend from convincing my mom, and to be completely honest, I’m happy that she did.

The concert was truly amazing. Words can’t describe the happiness I felt, but I’ll try my best to. There were 3 opening acts and they were good, but Alessia Cara was obviously better! She came out playing my favorite song, I’m yours. She hit all of her notes well, and she had so much enthusiasm!

She kept you pumped, gave a serious speech and took a picture of the crowd! The best part was when she came down from the stage and was meeting everyone in the front row, and guess what?! I got to hold her hand and she smiled at me! This all happened because we were in front row and it was amazing!

The concert overall was amazing, and I can techincally say that I’ve met a celebrity! The experience was amazing and you will see me at her next tour!

February 3


I have them and I don’t want them in my daily routine. At all. Contacts are ruining my mornings and nights.

They are so annoying to put in your eyes! Especially if your’re running late! I always end up not wearing them because I’m always late to be honest. I don’t have terrible eyesight, but imagine if I did! That would be a nightmare.

Whenever I try to put them in and blink too quickly, they fall out! It’s soooo annoying! Also sometimes I nearly poke my eye out trying to get them out. Sure, I have glasses, but I refuse to ever wear them to school because they’re also annoying to wear! Why don’t you look at that?

I mean, I guess contacts have great benefits, but there are a few downsides to having them. I’m pretty sure that I’ve made myself clear on how I feel about contacts. How do you feel about them?

January 27

My Opinion on YouTube

YouTube. Everyone has used it. For fun or for help, but either way it’s addicting.

YouTube is an amazing place where people share videos with each other for amusement, DIYs, etc. I can not be the only one to get easily distracted on YouTube! I always find myself clicking and clicking for more videos. It’s just so addicting.

YouTube is very resourceful, even for academics! You just search up your problem and then you find a video on it! It’s amazing; you don’t have to go on safari and read a bunch of words, you can just watch a video on it, and it shows you on how to solve it!

I’m not gonna lie here, I usually use it to watch videos on my favorite youtubers, but sometimes I use it to help me understand a concept more.

In conclusion, YouTube can be distracting, but yet it can be so helpful! To be honest, it’s a tie here.

January 14

Spanish Test Tomorrow

I’m done for it.

I haven’t studied for the test yet and it’s over 2 culture sheets, vocab and some old stuff that we’ve learned in the past. I mean, Spanish isn’t THAT hard it’s just that I procrastinate…. A lot. I’m literally listening to Taylor Swift right now.

Also, did I mention that I suck at spelling?! In English AND Spanish, it’s pretty sad. I love the teacher, just hate the tests, but at least it really  does test your knowledge. I’ll definitely be staying up tonight to study hard!

Culture is the one thing I hate about Spanish because I have a hard time remembering it, but hey at least it’s matching! Yet, her matching is also hard. Vocab I’m fine with, and also revising the old things that we’ve learned from the past. Let’s just hope I don’t fail!