The Enemy Above

The Enemy Above by: Michael P. Spradlin

My book takes places in World War II around 1942. It’s about a Jewish boy named Anton and his grandma Bubba. The Germans are taking over their homes, so they have to evacuate and go into hiding, taking only food and as few supplies as they can. They end up hiding in a cavern after Hitler’s Gestapo see them at a nearby lake. Now the Nazi’s are on a mission to find them and capture them. The trouble is they have to go out every night to get water for themselves and the Jews who are hiding with them.  They have almost been caught on multiple trips to the lake. Anton and his friend have been asked by his uncle to explore the cave and determine if there is another water source or exit from the cave. Then, if the Nazi’s discover them, at least some of the group will be able to escape safely.

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