Why Learning A language Is Good

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I understand three languages: English, Hindi, and Kashmiri. We all probably know that in order to graduate high school, we need to learn an international language. But why would you need to learn a language in order to graduate high school? I mean, we live in the United States of America, we only need to know English. But here a some reasons that knowing a different language is good.

First, lots of jobs require you to go international. For example, my uncle goes to China very frequently. Let’s say you are learning Spanish. You may have to go to Spain, Portugal, or Mexico when you have a job. Even though in Portugal they speak Portuguese, it would be easier to learn Portuguese because you know Spanish!

Second, you might go on vacation to a country where they speak the language you know or are learning. It would be very easy to get around in that area because you know that language that is spoken there. Even though I’m not taking a language this year, I am taking Spanish 1 next year. Right now, Spanish is a good language to know because we live in Texas! There are lots of Spanish-speaking citizens hear. I’m not saying that Chinese and Latin aren’t good languages to know, but at the current place and point in time, Spanish would be a great language to know.

Whatever language you speak, Chinese, Latin, Hindi, French, or Spanish, languages will be a very useful tool that you will have later on in life. If you don’t know any languages right know, you might want to start learning one, because there are lots of really cool languages to learn out there!



  1. cpeterson says:

    Very good reasons. I think you are smart to take Spanish considering our location!
    Nice work, Surya! 🙂

  2. Dani says:

    Hi, my name is Dani. First of all thank you for visiting my blog :D. Well anyway I really liked how you used many examples of why you should start a knew language. I, myself really want to learn a few languages like Spanish and German or Dutch Because I have roots from the German side and Spanish is just a great base language to learn. Thanks again for visiting.
    – Dani

  3. Dani says:

    Oh and by the way my site is http://dani2am.edublogs.org/ please come visit again!! 😀

  4. Mrs. Bridges says:

    Great post! I agree with the points you made. In high school, I took French. Unfortunately, I do not remember anything other than a handful of words. I think it is awesome you already know three languages! This is a great skill!

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