Decay Method

The Decay Method:

The scientist smiled as the needle was injected into the subject sample. A rat. Once the virus entered the body, it started it’s nasty work. The virus created a replica of an animal cell and created a multiplication chamber ( where the nucleus should be.) , and formed a huge amount of viruses. The viruses, literally tore through the cells, weakening the rat. One by one, the body was slowly rotting by the death-bringing infection, until finally, the rat lay dead. The scientist’s face formed a sly, malicious grin, for the virus had succeeded. The name of the virus was: Nex-auetus ( Nex in Latin, means violent death. Auetus in Latin, means increase. so the name means, increasing violent death. Perfectly fit for a murder-based virus.). The Nex-auetus had fulfilled it’s worked. The scientist just had to improve the harm the virus would do. Already in his mind, were thoughts of a worldwide genocide…


To be continued.