The Martian

Have any of you guys seen “the Martian?”

It used to be a book made by author Andy Weir, but it was later made into a film just recently.

the plot is that a NASA astronaut: Mark Wattney, gets stranded and left behind on during a Mars mission. He needs to survive until NASA sends help.

The only problem is that Mark Watney needs to grow foods on Mars’ surface. Bu he has no water in the story and the film. The bummer is that just before the movie came out, NASA scientists found good o’l H2O on Mars. So it just blows over the fact.

I really want to read the book, but I’ve already seen the movie. Have you guys read it too?

Puzzle: Prologue

Snow fell to the cold pavement sidewalk like pattering rain. The hellish winds stormed in like loose stallions throughout the pitch black night.

Finch City. December 2nd, 1987.

Tonight the 1850 bugle of the old mayor Rupert Finch was stolen. Nothing much. Small time crook. Name: Jimmy Wilhelm. Still at large. Going to find him. Going to end him.

Puzzle’s journal. Entry 32

Idea for a name.

I’m writing a crime story recently and I’m trying to make a vigilante, that stalks the night, catches up criminals, beats them to a pulp and leaves them tied up at the police station in the story.

I got his origin story, but I don’t know a good name for him. Any ideas anybody?