Spelling bee disaster

Let’s just start with the word: “Whew!”

For about two months, I’ve been studying the list of words for the spelling bee; 450 mind you, and memorized every single curve and line on the list. By the time I finished reviewing the list just once, My eyes were bloodshot, and I almost looked like a owl on steroids.

I reviewed again and again, with my mom saying the words and me answering. It was like playing and rewinding the same tape over and over again. By the end of Thanksgiving break, all of the words latched itself into a corner of my brain. I highlighted the words I had trouble with the most. Most of them were things like de rigueur, Mazal tov, or ecclesiastical. Time passed by like running water and the time already came for the spelling bee. Of course I was excited. But a small seed in my mind sprouted a sapling of nervousness and doubt. I asked people to quiz me, and I got everything right. When the bell rang I slowly walked to the library like a criminal getting ready for a execution. I opened the doors and took my seat.

.  .  .

“Acquiesce. A-c-q-u-i…e-s-c-e.” I said. I camly waited for the judges to say correct. They said it, and I walked back to my seat.

after two hours, only eleven spellers were left. Ms. Miller said that we had done all the words in the list, and we were going to do additional terms.

‘Oh crap.’ I thought.

There were still a lot of words left, and those additional terms weren’t even on our list. This was unjust. The words killed the number of spellers from eleven to six. It was my turn, and— for the love of god, Don’t make me spell the word. It was a weird word, one I had never heard in my life. There was a awkward pause, and I said it. The judges looked at me and said the one word that felt like they dropped a anvil on my kidney.

“I’m sorry. Incorrect.”

I shook my head and left the library. It’s been a long time, but for the first time in a long time, I flooded my bedroom with tears. I angrily punched every furniture, wall and door and muttered nonsense.

I hope this was a good learning experience. Because now I know to study beyond from the list and read a lot of books. Speaking of books, I haven’t filled my reading log. Better go do that now. Bye!