Star Wars the force awakens: the good and bad of it

Warning: Spoilers for the Force awakens

The original trilogy was a classic. The prequel trilogy was bad, but still satisfying to the saga. But the Sequel… Well, It was okay.

This Is just my opinion, and if you take any offense in this, take it up with me in person in school. Let’s begin with the bad parts. Afterwards, I’ll tell you the good stuff and hidden details you might have missed.

The movie was just like episode IV A New Hope. If you disagree, let’s see.

The main character lives in a desert, a droid comes to him/her and the droid has a important message, somebody finds them and they escape from the Empire/First order by riding on the same Millennium Falcon, they  go to a Rebel Base later, they find a weakness in a enemy base( No different from the Death star and has the same weakness) they send someone to blow it up, and they succeed later on, Kylo-Ren kills Han Solo just like Darth Vader kills Obi-Wan, and did I mention that Han Solo dies! He was my favorite character in all of movie history besides Indiana Jones! J.J. Abrams will pay dearly for this.

Now that I spilled all the bad stuff, let me tell you some interesting things and positive things in the movie. The beginning was great, all the way up till they met Princess Leia. Befor that, the movie was great. But then it turned into a cliche. The designs on Kylo ren’s mask was similar to Darth Revan’s mask but it was still great, and BB8 was cute and I think most may favor him over R2-D2.

You probably didn’t notice, but Rey’s goggles are from a old storm trooper’so helmet. The desert planet of Jakku is littered with rebel and empire ship wreckages. In the new rebel base, you can see Admiral Ackbar among a crowd of soldiers ( Admiral Ackbar is a fish faced admiral from episode 6 that said the famous line: It’s a trap!) and also you can see a sullustan alien in the background as well. In Maz Kanata’s cantina, you can see boba fett’s mandalorian symbol on one of the flags outside.

Some questions about the movie I have are: where’s Lando Calrissian? How did Kylo ren turn to the dark side? Who’s supreme leader snoke? How did Kylo ren get Darth Vader’s burnt mask? Why did R2-D2 deactivate? How did C3PO lose his left arm? And how was there any evil to begin with when the rebel alliance defeated the site and the empire in episode 6?

If you have the answers to those questions, or if you noticed more hidden details in the movie that I didn’t mention, then please leave a comment. Overall, it was an okay movie for me. How about you?

5 thoughts on “Star Wars the force awakens: the good and bad of it

  1. The movies before this was satisfying, and all with different story lines. The prequel series I enjoyed, because then I understood the original one. But the new movie? Not original, not new, and used a lot of special effects and animation to cover it up. It was not up to the standards people had, including mine. Overall it would’ve been a great movie if it wasn’t basically the same as the other one with the death star.

  2. I agree that the parallels between The Force Awakens and A New Hope are quite obvious, and that there are MANY. But I’m thinking that that’s a deliberate, purposeful chose on the part of the writers. The next “episode” will flesh out Rey’s story, and I’ll bet we’ll see some deeper connections between her tale and Luke’s. I do NOT think the characters are related ( I think Rey is a Kenobi), but I do think their lives are intertwined.

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