What Book Next?

You all know about all of those great fantasy classics. You probably remember Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, Eragon,The Lord of The Rings, etc. And those other books, like Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, the Kane chronicles, etc. Well, I’m currently reading the Return of the King, and when I’m done with it, I don’t really have anything I really had in mind that I wanted to read.

My Parents recommended “To Kill A Mockingbird”, written by Harper Lee. I bought the book, but the words were in a southern accent, and was kind of hard. So I set that aside, and turned to my friends. While I was buying lunch at school the other day, I saw an eigth grade friend of mine, named Jack, holding his binder, and his notebooks, pencil bag… And a Book! I asked him if I could see it for a sec. I skimmed through the pages, and finally flipped over to the front cover. It wrote in big bold letters: ” A Feast For Crows”.

After school, I went back home and after doing all my homework, I went on the internet and searched up the book’s title. After doing some inside research, I found out that it belonged to a book series called “A Song of Ice and Fire.” written by George W. W. Martin.

I scrolled down, and that’s when I found out that it was also a part of a five star TV show named “Game of Thrones.” I had heard of it, but wasn’t very interested at the time.

I’m still reading the Return of the King, and I haven’t decided about what I’m going to read next. Can you help? Be sure to comment, and tell me what book I should read next.

Thanks for reading this post!

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