Darkness still lingers in the beach sky,

and overhead gulls soar and fly.

Down below, a crab scurries down its lair,

as I smell, the salty sea air.

Another bird passes by,

and I start to think, what wonders lie,

in the ocean, beyond the sea,

that’s someplace I’ll never be.

There are beautiful things you’ll find,

although the water wasn’t meant for mankind.


This is just a poem I wrote during English class.                                                  Not like a Walt Whitman, or a Robert Frost poem, but still… The poem is the basis of what Mrs. Kriese told us to write in class: a poem about the beach, and its surroundings. I think it has a slight drop of imagery.

Let me say one thing though. Rhyming is my weakest thing when it comes to literature. But I hope it wasn’t bad…

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