King for a day…

King For a Day

If I was King for a day,

there’d lots I’d have to say.

With all my subjects bowing low,

and over hill, a fanfare would blow.

If I were a King,

singers would sing,

armies of fifty

and bankers: all nifty.

men who could hear, men who could see,

would all bow down before me.

The pheasants would cheer,

the wardens would raise beer,

the traitors would flee,

to see to it, they bowed before me.

The flayed would rot,

and the treasonous, killed on the spot.

A kingdom of mine,

would just be fine,

if I were a King.

The crows would caw

as each of them saw,

no man frown,

as his majesty was walking down.

A castle of stone,

hard to the bone,

and a room full of gold,

would be mine till I was old.

But all that, is just a dream,

as it would seem,

of a boy who will never be King.


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