Seventh grade advice for next year’s seventh graders

Before I begin jotting down words of my so-called: “wisdom” on this blog, and before you start reading this post, my one advice is this. Never, ever, ever, till the end of time, procrastinate. I know you’ve probably seen that sponge bob episode where he does that, but no. It kills your grades, murders your sleep time and focus, and stabs a knife of guilt in your soul. Heck, even I’m doing it right now while doing my math homework! So strap on in and get ready to read a list of things you should NEVER do and you SHOULD do in seventh grade.

  1. Projects- OK. Your teacher hands out a project packet and says it’s due in two weeks. No sweat right? Man! Your going to ace this thing! Think again. Always, always, always finish your projects ahead of time or become like me.
  2. Homework- Most of it is completion, but doing it and getting practice out of it is better than just jotting down random answers and calling that a day’s work. Don’t wait to finish it until you arrive home. Finish it during WCT, or during a free time in one of your periods.
  3. Teachers- Let’s face it. No matter how much you despise them, they’re still your mentors buddy. They don’t come in every seven hours to school just to please and satisfy you in every way possible! Treat them with respect like you do to your parents, or anyone as a matter of fact.
  4. Bullying- There’s always some loser or another in every school that has some misshapen bone to pick on you. And if anyone ever calls you names, beats you until your abdomen is purple and red with bloody bruises, teases you by skin color or race, or wants you to tread the fiery pits of hell, (believe me. There are a lot of people who want me to.) then ignore them or fight back. Just kidding. Ignore them or go tell the counsellors. It worked for me. Also, never try fighting back a guy two times your size that resembles a colossal mammoth.
  5. Classes/Electives- Don’t try to be late for any class. I know a tardy seems unimportant, but being early and on time could earn a teacher’s kindness.

So there you have it. This is my top five list of advice for next year’s seventh graders. Good luck, and have a great year!