About Me

Hello! My name is TK (short for Tae-Kyung).

I’m excited to be in 7th grade this year even though it’s hard. Some of my favorite hobbies are drawing-I won first place in an art contest and received a $1000 this summer-reading, writing, swimming, and bike riding.

Here are just a list of (miscellaneous) things that I like:

  • Books and comics– Harry Potter, Lord of the rings, hobbit, Dc & Marvel comics, Jurassic park, The lost world, Trumpet of the swan, Charlotte’s web, Stuart little, Etc.
  • Movies and TV shows (If I ever watched TV…)– Star wars, King Kong (2005) Arrow, Sherlock, Dr. who, and a little bit of the Simpsons.
  • Sports– Swimming, baseball, basketball, and bike riding.

I hope you understand who I am!

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hey TK! I didn’t know that you liked basketball but I do too and I also love Charlotte’s web and Harry Potter but that was an obvious statement. Congratulations on the art competition!

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