On Sunday, while everybody was watching the Super Bowl, I was in my bed, trying to finish my book. I ended up sleeping at 12:00 and I didn’t know who won. But hey, it was worth it. About 300 pages finished in just one night.

Remember that blog post that I posted about how I was going to read Game of Thrones after I read my other book? Well, if you see me at school carrying around a blue leather bound book, that’s what it is.

Some kid walked up to me yesterday and asked me: “Is that the Bible?”

If this book were the biblical texts some religions worshipped, then we’d all be dead and quite possibly be executed one by one by a tyrannical King. Just saying.

So far, I have only gotten to page 32, and already there are 5 or 6 people dead.┬áThere’s a guy that got stabbed in the shoulder and got cut in half, A wolf with an antler horn impaled through it’s neck, a man beheaded for deserting, and etc.

Despite all the violence and the strong language, It’s pretty good. And besides, I’ve read Michael Chrichton’s books. They’re no different. It’s as if George R. R. Martin (the author) decided to just kill off everyone. There’s probably going to be more deaths coming soon. I’ve only begun after all.