Try to imagine a wasp or a bee stinging you every day you go to school. The pain will go away in like 30 minutes eventually.┬áNow think about a small thick piece of folded up paper stinging you and making your arm numb for three periods. Now that’s got to hurt.

I don’t know what happened or who started it, but ever since the new semester started I kept on finding folded up papers or rubber bands all over the school. Heck, I even found a folded up piece stuck in my locker door! Anyways, last week, I sat down at lunch with my friends and ate regularly. But the only problem was that my friends were also part of the rubber band thing. They started shooting each other, and declared… Let’s see, what did they call it? Oh yeah a “War”. I asked them what they were shooting with, and Sean came up and said that they were called hornets. In my sixth period, I saw them yet again, and heard my teacher banning them in class.

That day, I went home and looked them up. I found a website that teaches you how to make them here it is:


After that week ended, I made an entire Arsenal and got ready to shoot anyone foolish enough to challenge me. The only problem was, that I was so naive in thinking that I would be the only one to fire. You see, the problem with these hornets is that they hurt and sting like crap.

I got shot in the neck by surprise by an eighth grader. I’ll find hunt him down and finish him over later. But for now, I’m going to keep on making making hornets.