About Me

Hi! My name is Tatiana. I was born on July 25, 2006. Currently I am in 7th grade and am 12 years old. I do many difffernt activities such as cooking, baking, karate, soccer, field hockey and cross country running. When I’m not doing one of these I’m usually playing with my two cats, hanging out with my friend and family or watching TV. I also like to travel, my family has been to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Hawaii, California, North Carolina, Florida and Mexico! I enjoy going to beaches or skiing/snowboarding in the snow. I I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina and then moved to Austin TX when I was two years old. I have lived here most of of my life including going to preschool, elementary school and middle school here. My family consists of my mom, my dad, two sisters, one dog and two cats. When I grow up I want to be a criminal lawyer or an ER surgeon. I like being where all the action is going on, but I also like looking at crime scenes. If I were an ER surgeon, then I could save lives and be looked at as a hero. However if I were a criminal lawyer, then I could do what I am passionate about! I hoped you liked reading my about me page. Please subscribe to my blog if you want to hear more from me! Thanks!