February 5

My Life

You’ll often find me at lunch joking about how I don’t have a life, but that couldn’t be any less true.

Between choir, oral reading UIL, Girl Scouts, schoolwork, GT, and soon drama, my schedule is pretty full. Maybe not always after school, but definitely during it. Today itself I have to go to UIL practice during lunch and I’m selling Girl Scout cookies at Loupe Tortilla. Tomorrow, I have to spend all day at regional choir practice before I actually have the whole performance. From there, I go to my brother’s birthday party. The next day, I’ll decide what I want to do my GT exhibition on and finish the worksheet about it. Then, comes my homework.

Don’t get me wrong, I love it all. All of my best friends are in at least one of those things with me. Lily is in UIL and choir, Nicole is in Girl Scouts, Karena is in GT. Drama will have most everyone, with the absence of a few.

So why write an entire blog post about it, you ask? Well, besides the fact that I couldn’t think of anything else, this is a blog, and shouldn’t blogs have something to do with your life?

I’m not here to complain, I have nothing to change complain about. I’m just here to tell about the hardships of having a busy schedule. So, let us begin

If homework isn’t enough, I also have friends (although I have no idea why) who want me to hang out with them. It’s not like I don’t want too, it’s just that sometimes, I can’t!

Then there’s the fact that I am unbearably lazy. If the word workis mentioned, I’ll probably run off screaming (which will be all the exercise I receive that day). Even if there’s money put on it, I’ll more then likely not do it.

Being an epic procrastinator is the worst part of it all. I always feel like there’s something better I should do, like reply to that text or listen to the entire Save Rock And Roll album by Fall Out Boy. It usually takes several requests from my mom before I finally get up and do my work. I’m not one o check the time, so if I have to be somewhere I probably won’t get there exactly on time, which is a habit I should probably stop…

And that kids, is why you should do nothing but stay home and browse Tumblr in your Star Wars pajamas and eat Ben And Jerry’s all day.

Now if you’ll excuse me, instead of making a proper ending for this, I have to listen to the entire Phantom of the Opera soundtrack.

Until next week, your faithful servant,

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