October 8

Bridget Over Troubled Waters

I’ll have to admit, when I first met Bridget, I don’t think she liked me all that much.

It was the first day of seventh grade and I was walking into third period English, my thoughts in a blurry bubble and the only recognizable word was “food”, so I wasn’t in my mojo.

On the board was a chart that held our seats. I sat down next to a girl with dark brown hair, freckles and bright, and I mean bright green eyes. She seemed cheerful enough, although not someone I’d usually make friends with.

She was talking to my friend Genevieve (“How many classes do we have together?” She’d asked.) about who knows what. Being friendly I said hello. The girl smiled, “hi, Bridget. I’m new.”

well that was quick. I thought.

“The name’s TJ. I’ve been in Eanes since kindergarten. No, you cannot know what my real name is.” I said in my usual sarcastic tone.

She smiled. That was a first.

My face brightened. “So where’re you from?” I asked nonchalantly.

She kept smiling, but it seemed forced, maybe she was just caught off guard by my awesomeness.

“Norway,” she said quickly.

Cool! I thought. “Do you speak any Norwegian?”

She rolled her eyes, “no.”

I stopped talking after this, she didn’t seem all that interested.

A few days later we went to the library in English. I was already in the middle of a book so I wasn’t gonna get anything, so I just sat and waited for the bell to ring. I was then greeted by Bridget and my other friends Lily and Larson.

“Mrs. Kriese found this hysterical book, want me to read it?” She asked.

I shrugged, why not?

The book was indeed humorous. It was about a little bear named Winnie (Coincidence? I think not.). It wasn’t really meant to be funny, but we were so giggly that every little thing made us burst out laughing. Bridget would seldom say a word without it followed by a fit of laughter and a shh! from the librarian.

At that point I knew Bridget and I were friends, despite the hostile impression she’d given me at first.

You should go check out her blog! Bridget’s Blog.

“I know, creative, right?”
~Bridget S.