April 1

The Festivities of Texas

Whether you’re into pop, punk, jazz, or all of the above, Texas is the perfect state for you. Home of the ‘live music capital of the world”, Texas has some of the most authentic and well-known music festivals in the world. So, if you haven’t already run away screaming at my use of Comic Sans, join me as I tell you about the three biggest music festivals in Texas.

Austin City Limits

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

Probably the most famous music festival in Texas, Austin City Limits offers the casual feeling of live music with the thrilling feeling of a concert. Austin City Limits offers a great lineup of different music genres—ranging from rapper The Weeknd to alternative-electric band Twenty Øne Piløts.

South By South West

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

Not only is South By South West a music headquarters, it’s also a great place to learn about new and exciting things going on in our world. Enjoy some music, then sit back and listen to a lecture on cars. SXSW has everything!

Margarita & Salsa Festival

Pixabay CC0

Pixabay CC0

Grab an ice cold margarita and jam to some good ol’ country tunes. The Margarita & Salsa Festival is the perfect way to end the summer on a high note.

September 25


MusicCreative Commons License Melissa Wiese via Compfight

“Music. Our binder, our ally, our savior, our enemy, and our inevitable demise.” -Me

Music is the thing that unites us all. Inspires us. It gives hope, while also establishing fear. No one can say, “I don’t like music.”

My father, a world-class critic of musicals, has probably had the biggest impact on my playlist. Every time The Police and Oasis blare into my ears I can’t help but think of him.


“Oh, give me the beat boys and free my soul, I wanna get lost in your rock N’ Roll and drift away.” -Uncle Kracker

I feel like Rock N’ Roll has changed drastically since it was first made. It used to be poetry sang into a microphone with an electric guitar accompanying it. Now, it’s unknown words screamed into a microphone while the electric guitar plays random notes at top volume.


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