April 13

Seasons by: TJ

The air heats in the summer,
The flowers bud in spring.
When Earth changes seasons,
It changes everything.

The food is stored in winter,
The leaves are grounded in fall.
When Earth wants to change something,
It changes it all.

Jubilance in summer,
Love in the spring.
A man gets down on one knee
And hands his girl a ring.

Curiosity in winter,
Mischief in the fall.
A young boy waits in a tree,
To hear his mother’s call.

Pools splash in summer,
Bees buzz in spring.
A father smiles kindly
At his daughter’s soft laughing.

Angels in the winter,
Leaf piles in fall.
A mother watches TV,
She watches Better Call Saul.

Air is humid in the summer,
The flowers bloom in spring.
When Earth changes seasons,
She changes everything.

The nuts are stored in winter,
The leaves are colored in fall.
When Earth wants to change something,
It transforms it all.

April 8


Pixabay CC0

Lucy Gray or, Solitude

Oft I had heard of Lucy Gray:
          And, when I crossed the wild,
          I chanced to see at break of day
          The solitary child.

          No mate, no comrade Lucy knew;
          She dwelt on a wide moor,
          --The sweetest thing that ever grew
          Beside a human door!

          You yet may spy the fawn at play,
          The hare upon the green;                                    
          But the sweet face of Lucy Gray
          Will never more be seen.

          "To-night will be a stormy night--
          You to the town must go;
          And take a lantern, Child, to light
          Your mother through the snow."

          "That, Father! will I gladly do:
          'Tis scarcely afternoon--
          The minster-clock has just struck two,
          And yonder is the moon!"                                    

          At this the Father raised his hook,
          And snapped a faggot-band;
          He plied his work;--and Lucy took
          The lantern in her hand.

          Not blither is the mountain roe:
          With many a wanton stroke
          Her feet disperse the powdery snow,
          That rises up like smoke.

          The storm came on before its time:
          She wandered up and down;                                   
          And many a hill did Lucy climb:
          But never reached the town.

          The wretched parents all that night
          Went shouting far and wide; to 
          But there was neither sound nor sight
          To serve them for a guide.

          At day-break on a hill they stood
          That overlooked the moor;
          And thence they saw the bridge of wood,
          A furlong from their door.                                  

          They wept--and, turning homeward, cried,
          "In heaven we all shall meet;"
          --When in the snow the mother spied
          The print of Lucy's feet.

          Then downwards from the steep hill's edge
          They tracked the footmarks small;
          And through the broken hawthorn hedge,
          And by the long stone-wall;

          And then an open field they crossed:
          The marks were still the same;                              
          They tracked them on, nor ever lost;
          And to the bridge they came.

          They followed from the snowy bank
          Those footmarks, one by one,
          Into the middle of the plank;
          And further there were none!

          --Yet some maintain that to this day
          She is a living child;
          That you may see sweet Lucy Gray
          Upon the lonesome wild.                                     

          O'er rough and smooth she trips along,
          And never looks behind;
          And sings a solitary song
          That whistles in the wind.

When I read about the young Lucy Gray, I get mad childhood nostalgia about my old backyard where my brother cut his hand carving a tree stump (don’t ask). I remember that Laura Ingalls Wilder book I read in third grade. I’m reminded of the days before dank memes and llama obsessions.

November 11

Some of My Favorite Quotes

Not all those who wander are lost. -The Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien

The Lord of the Rings series is awesome, and the late Tolkien’s writing is off the charts amazing. It’s a true statement, I wander a lot, and I’m not lost, just bored.

Sie sin das aussin und wir sin die jäger! -Attack on Titan Theme

Let’s get one thing straight: Attack on Titan is one Japan’s best shows. Thrilling themes, likeable characters, realistic elements that keep the watcher/reader hooked. The show stars Eren Yeager, a teenager out for vengeance against the wretched “Titans” or Giants, Mikasa Ackerman, an overprotective “sister” (she’s adopted) to Eren, and Armin Arlert, a boy genius and Eren’s best friend. All three characters and the many, many more are worth watching. And the ship wars are intense!

Klankenwagon! -Julian

Okay, so this one’s an inside joke in the Aladdin Jr. cast. “Klankenwagon” is (according to Julian) the German word for ambulance, but I just had to put it in here because of it’s importance to me. Now, every time we see someone from the cast or crew, we yell “klankenwagon!” as loud as we can and count how many weird looks we get.

November 5

The Only One

I don’t care if it hurts, I want to have control, I want a perfect body, I want a perfect soul.
Radiohead, Creep

We all have a day we wish we could undo
And one we could redo.

We all want to be somebody
We just don’t know who.

Am I the only one who feels alone
In a land of hundreds?

Am I the only one who feels like a failure
When all I do is win?
(If you tell me you did not just sing DJ Khaled’s song All I Do Is Win you sit on a throne of lies and smashed lollipops)

Am I the only one who feels so cold
In a city of fire?

Am I the only one?

I hope so.

I hope no on else feels as alone,
As disappointing,
As cold
As I.

And that’s the sad truth
Everybody does,
No matter who
Or what
You are.

And I’m not going to say
It will get better
Because sometimes
Life gets you down.
And that’s okay
Without sadness,
There could be no happiness.

Trust me, you’ll thank me later.

A/N: shoutout for my fellow Radiohead fans!

October 22

She: A Poem

She listens,
And she hears silence.

She stares,
And she sees black.

She feels,
And there is nothing.

She screams,
But no sound escapes her lips.

She sleeps,
But does not dream.

She wakes,
But she is unaware.

She thinks,
But has no ideas.

She weeps,
But has no tears.

She’s unknown.
Uncared for.

But she is beautiful,
She is kind,
She is smart.

She is brave,
And strong,
And worth it.

If you only took the time to know her.
To listen to her.
To see her.
To wipe away her tears.

A/N: This poem made my friend cry… #themanliestoftearshavebeenshed

October 2

The Realm of Abelhathy Poem

In an overgrown thicket
Where the grass is white with snow,
Is a world beyond fascination,
A world I yearn to know.

Where the trees are tall as mountains,
And the sun is out at night,
And a little bit of magic
Keeps it burning bright.

Where the sea is full of creatures
As far as one could see.
Where the water tastes of sugar
As sweet as it could be.

A land where islands fly
High above the clouds.
White puffy and perfect
Where the sky is bold and proud.

This land beyond logic,
That leaves you lost for words,
Is the great Realm of Abelhathy
Where on, sings the birds.

On the branches they sit,
Singing of a time
When creativity ruled the earth,
When every sentence had a rhyme.

They wept to see the world reborn
To one mundane and cruel.
Because they remembered the days,
When fire blazed on the yule.

And one person knew
Of the land the birds’ spoke.
Of the land long forgotten
The land hidden by the smoke.

A person, they are,
Just the same as you and me.
A person with a gift
Of being extraordinary.

A person no one knew of,
Except a special few.
The person who is reading this,
That’s right, the person is you.

In an overgrown thicket,
Where the grass was white with snow,
Is a world beyond fascination,
A world, you now know.

September 25

The Haiku of the Century

Heaven, look down. Your

Wisdom true. Heaven, look down,

I need you right now.


Father, be proud, I’ve

Pleased you. Father, be prideful,

I’ve done what I can.


Mother, don’t weep, I

Need you. Mother, don’t cry, it’s

In vain. Mother, stop.


Sister, please smile, I

Need it. Sister, be happy,

I’ll be back home soon.


Brother, don’t scream, I’ll

hear it. Brother, I promise

I’ll see you in time.


A/N: I don’t even know where this came from XD, also, if you’re not reading this in English, it’s not actually a haiku.