September 18

Unseen Preview

Blair hung her head low as the bus drove into the camp parking lot. She had her hoodie over her head, and her knees over her chest, waiting.

She listened to the excited chatter in the background of her own nightmarish thoughts. She wasn’t going to last a day here.

She was on the brink of a mental breakdown.

Blair was, to say the least, invisible. She was quiet, keeping her thoughts to herself. She had no one she considered a “friend,” just the occasional friendly face in the halls of her small high school. She lived inside her head, and she had no problem with that.

That didn’t mean she was necessarily happy. 

She waited for everyone to leave the bus, scanning the rows to make sure she was alone. Ignoring the hurtful whispers that filled her ears and threatened to spill tears. After her OCD accepted that everyone had left, she slumped her backpack over her shoulder and stepped into the empty aisle.

She walked down slowly, her eyes darting back and forth between the seats, silently praying that no one was there.

her prayers were answered by chiseled cheekbones and unkempt brown hair.

He marched up the steps of the bus with an alien grace, stopping suddenly when he spotted her.

“Oh, hi. I didn’t think anyone would still be here,” he said with a lopsided grin.

Blair pulled her hoodie down, covering her eyes.

“Not a talker, eh?”

She set her eyes downcast, saying nothing.

The boy has an awkward look painted across his perfect features. “Can you hand me that?” He asked, pointing to a small green dufflebag in the seat next too her. Weird, how had she not noticed that before?

She picks it up, her hands quivering. Not from nervousness, from some other, unknown force.

She hands it over to him. “Thanks.” He smiles. “What’d you say your name was?”

Blair looks up, caught off guard by the gesture, “Blair,” she says, her voice barely audible.

His face brightens, “aha, she speaks!” He laughs at his own witty joke. “The name’s Jared. Jared Bransley.” He holds out a hand, she takes it tentatively. She shivers again. 

She narrows her eyes, there was something off about his friendliness.

They stare at each other for a moment, her colorless silver pools meeting his lively green ones. “I should be going,” he says, rubbing the nape of his neck. Blair pulls her hoodie down lower.

He steps down the aisle, “see you later, Blair,” he flashes one last leering gaze at her before stepping off the vehicle.


A/N: This is a preview of one of the many book ideas I have in my brain. I need feedback, ASAP!


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