My Poem

Night Time

By Tenby Werlin


The starry night,

It shines so bright.

A beautiful sight to see.

Comets, stars, and meteoroids,

What an amazing thing to be.

The Sun is hiding,

The Moon rolls in,

Time to get away from your sins.


Dark yet calming,

Quiet yet loud,

Thoughts in your head,

Fill in like a cloud.


Thoughts of good,

Thoughts of bad,

Many thoughts,

Some make you gag.


Calm your mind,

Or you’ll stop in time,

For Night Time is here,

And the end of this rhyme…is near.


Stars a’ twinkling,

Campfire’s a’ crackling.

This rhyme is now over.

You’ll quiet down,

For Night Time is here,

To spread over children near.

“A friend is like a piece of pie: You can never have too many and they make you happy when you’re sad.”

Credit to:
Collaboration with: Betsy S.
The Rocky Road Freezer Pie is a mouthwatering, delicious, and simple recipe that you can whip together the day before a party and feel like a champion?

It takes 15 Minutes prep time and serves 16 people.

The ingredients include:

Half & Half Cream, Instant chocolate pudding mix, Thawed Cool Whip, Semisweet Chocolate Chips, Mini Marshmallows, Chopped Pecans, Graham Cracker Crust, And lastly, Chocolate Sauce.

First, we whisked the half & half and pudding mix in a large bowl for 2 minutes.

After, we folded in the cool whip.

We then stirred in the chocolate chips, marshmallows, and pecans.

Then, we transferred it to the pie crust.

Finally, we froze it for about 6 hours.

(Make sure you remove from freezer 10 minutes before serving!)

At last, when this delightful dessert was finished freezing,

we tasted it. It tasted like a giant s’more with nuts! It was AMAZING! It was a super fun and tasty recipe! I suggest this recipe to anyone who wants to make some fun and simple pie! Thanks for reading my post!


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Uprooted By Naomi Novik

There are many different settings in Uprooted. One is “The Wood”, a dark treacherous forest, in which people are snatched into and implanted into heart trees (If you want to know about heart trees read the book). Another setting is what they call “The Valley”, which is pretty much their kingdom sort of thing. And lastly, there’s The Dragon’s Tower. In the book, every ten years The Dragon takes a girl to serve him for ten years in his tower and when they come out, they’re never the same as when they went in. Agnieszka is taken by The Dragon at the Choosing. She ends up having/being something she didn’t know…….(But you have to read the book to find out). She faces many obstacles throughout her journey In the book. The Dragon is the top wizard who protects the whole Valley from darkness and The Wood.  This may seem like that classic everyday fairytale book, but I assure you it’s not. It’s so good and every time you have to stop reading because of something, it leaves off and cliffhanger, drawing you in more.

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