My Poem

Night Time

By Tenby Werlin


The starry night,

It shines so bright.

A beautiful sight to see.

Comets, stars, and meteoroids,

What an amazing thing to be.

The Sun is hiding,

The Moon rolls in,

Time to get away from your sins.


Dark yet calming,

Quiet yet loud,

Thoughts in your head,

Fill in like a cloud.


Thoughts of good,

Thoughts of bad,

Many thoughts,

Some make you gag.


Calm your mind,

Or you’ll stop in time,

For Night Time is here,

And the end of this rhyme…is near.


Stars a’ twinkling,

Campfire’s a’ crackling.

This rhyme is now over.

You’ll quiet down,

For Night Time is here,

To spread over children near.

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