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How to French Braid

I love to do hair! Neither of my parents were good at braiding, so I had to figure out how to do it myself. I always used my friend’s hair as an experimental project, and I tried and tried until I finally got it right. Then came the next big step: french braids. Honestly, I’m still not very good at them. I had YouTube videos and my older *sisters* (high school friends, god sisters, whatever you want to call them) to help me learn how to do it. I’ve learned a couple of braids that are like the french braid, but not quite the same. Hopefully I’ll get it soon!


One of my favorite sites is Tagul Clouds, where you can create these really cool word bubbles. Choose a shape to fill in the words with, enter text and choose your favorite colors to add a splash of excitement! I made a word cloud in the shape of the words “I Heart Boston.” Try it out!Tagul boston


Yesterday and today my soccer team has done really well in our games! Today we won 2-1 against a U14 team, and yesterday we won 2-0. Yesterday I scored a goal, which honestly doesn’t happen that often. (I’m more of an assist- type gal.) My friend and I put together a plan, which was for her to dribble up the ball and pass it to me, so I could tap it in. She dribbled it up all the way to the far right side of the net, and the passed it to me. The goalie got it first, but then toppled over and dropped the ball. I happened to still be there, so I got the rebound. It was perfect! Today we played really well also. It was a casual game (Doesn’t contribute to your overall ranking in the league) against the U14 girls. They were really good! It was super hot so we got water breaks every 15 minutes. The team played so hard. Go Spartacus!! 🙂

The Town Pond

In my old town, there was a small local pond called Farm Pond. On hot summer days, it was here that you could find most anyone in town. There was so much you could do, from swimming to sailing to exploring the “invisible” island. The island was called this because it blended right in to the line of tall deciduous trees. I never got to visit the island though. There was a small, rocky bank near it, so a couple of times my friends and I went on little boats near it. It was quite hard to paddle! We had lots of fun splashing each other and enjoying the view around Farm Pond. I certainly miss it! However, now I have the vast Lake Travis. Can’t wait to go explore it!

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