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The Importance of Color

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Color is an important part of our lives. It is one of the most under- appreciated things in the world, in my opinion. Without it, life would be so boring. We wouldn’t be able to choose out a new colorful dress, or be able to paint our room our favorite color, or even choose the shiniest, reddest apples in the grocery stands. Without it, we wouldn’t have the defining characteristics of our appearance. No red heads, sparkly blue- eyed babies, or tanned skin from the summer sun. Color is a part of who we are- a major part of everyday life.

In Lois Lowry’s The Giver, there is no color. People are unaware that such a huge piece of their lives is missing, and they don’t miss it because they never even knew it was once there. Jonas lives in a society where everyone and everything is the same, nothing making anyone unique. People are assigned jobs, spouses, and have strict rules regarding what is proper and what isn’t. The world is grey.

In this book, color represents the excitement of differentness. When Jonas starts to see the color red, it completely changes the way he sees the world. He starts to no longer just see black and grey, but also splashes of red, green, blue, orange, and more. This special talent sets him apart from the rest of the community. Without the color, people are boring and almost lifeless.

I chose the picture above to represent what it must be like to have no color. You obviously can’t see it, since I edited it to make the picture black and white, but there is quite a brilliant sunrise in the background. It takes away a sense of wonder to have the color sucked out of a picture. You can’t see the golden sand, or the crystal blue lake, or the pink and yellow sky above. Color to me gives off a certain positive mood. I think that if I were to live in a black and white world, I would soon become bored and maybe depressed. There wouldn’t be anything to set me apart from others. Think about how much would be lost in a world of no color. Paint would be worthless, and your favorite blue shirt would no longer hold any importance. Without color, we would live in a world without originality or uniqueness.

Places to Visit

We still have two months left of school, and I’m already dreaming of summer vacation. My family is debating where to go, and I came up with some ideas. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Here are the top five places I want to visit and why:

1.) Rome, Italy

I’ve been wanting to go to Italy for the longest time. Between the incredible architecture, the food, and the historical landmarks, there is so much to see and experience. Also, I am currently doing my GT exhibition project on Roman architecture, so I think it would be really cool to go and explore it personally.

2.) Stockholm, Sweden

My dad’s side of the family grew up in Sweden, and he’s always talking about what a cool place it is. I studied Sweden for our family heritage unit in second grade, and I’d love to visit soon. My sister and I became Swedish citizens, thanks to my dad! I think they have some unique traditions, and it would be cool to visit the place that much of my family comes from.

3.) Hawaii

Who doesn’t want to go to the Hawaiian islands? I love tropical places, beaches and relaxing environments. I really want to try surfing some day, and Hawaii would be the perfect place to try it!

4.) Sydney, Australia

My dad used to travel almost every week for his old job, and he always said that Sydney was one of his favorite places to visit. Apparently, people there are super nice and it’s a beautiful city. Plus, I want to see a kangaroo. ๐Ÿ˜‰

5.) Jerusalem, Israel

I grew up a Christian, and for many religious groups, Jerusalem is a place of great importance. I studied Israel in sixth grade and learned all about the historical landmarks there, and I think it would be really interesting to go see them. Also, Israel is home to the lowest point in the world, the Dead Sea. Here, there is so much salt in the water that you can float without trying. That’s pretty cool!

Where would you like to travel to someday? Comment below! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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