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My Prized Possession

One of my biggest thrills as a child was transferring from a gravel driveway to a paved one. This meant finally learning to bike, being able to walk barefoot outside without fear of stubbing my toes on rocks, and getting to use my favorite art supplies- chalk.

I had buckets and buckets of the stuff, from dusty pastels to darker blues and greys. I hoarded them like they were chocolate bars. My sister and I would spend hours drawing in our free time, letting our imaginations run wild with pictures of dragons, monsters, and princesses. We used each one to the point where it was a tiny sliver chalky color, too minuscule to draw with anymore.

On more than one occasion, Annika and I got in trouble for taking a stick of the stuff to our dog, Loki. We colored him blue, pink, purple… All on the glossy white coat that my mom tried hard to keep clean.

Chalk allowed me to transform my driveway into a huge, black canvas ready for me to spread my ideas across. Our driveway was very long- about a fifth of a mile. This allowed for the most intense hop-scotch tournaments! We would draw and draw and hop and hop until it was dark outside.

It’s funny to think that some of my favorite memories are associated with tiny sticks of dust. Who knows? Maybe if I had never been exposed to art at that young age, I wouldn’t be as creative as I like to think I am today!

Upcoming Field Trips

I have a lot of upcoming field trips! One is for art, another for GT, and also one for my religious youth group.

The nearest one is actually tomorrow, the GT opera trip. We will be going to the Long Center to view the opera Romeo and Juliet! From what I understand it will all be in French, so we have to read the words in English above the stage. I’ve never been to an opera before, so I’m actually pretty excited. After all, even if it gets really boring, (I’ve heard they sometimes can be) I still have many of my friends there with me! Have you ever been to an opera/ play? Which one?

The second one is actually on Valentine’s Day weekend. I had to make the tough decision of choosing between Youth Austin TedX or the annual WHPC Focus mission trip. I ended up choosing Focus, because my church is really important to me and it sounded like fun! From what I understand, Focus is a time for kids to get together for a weekend in the house of someone in their gender and age group. Then you have the chance to talk about God and do some fun things around Austin and in the church, including community service. I think it will be fun, especially because I get to do all this with my friends.

The last one is the 7th and 8th grade art field trip. This time we take a bus to Houston and go around to many different museums there, to learn about all different types of modern art. I’ve only been to one art museum in my life, and that was the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. It was a lot of fun and certainly very interesting, so I’m excited to do something similar again!

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