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Trick or Treat?

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Hey everybody! It’s that time of year again… sweaters, colorful leaves, hot cocoa, pumpkin flavored everything, and best of all… HALLOWEEN! I’m still not totally sure, but I think I want to be a scarecrow this year. Last year, I was Katniss Everdeen, (I was going through an archery phase) so I decided to dye my hair brown for fun. It turned out slightly red, but I was happy with the results. Might do it again this year! My best friend and always dressed up as the same thing. In past years we have been Katniss, Thing 1 and Thing 2, Vampires, (x2) and more! I’m gonna miss that little neighborhood party. My favorite part of Halloween is always the time right before you go trick or treating, because while we are getting ready, (which is actually a ton of fun) we always have this old Halloween music CD playing in the background. Also, we’re feasting on roasted pumpkin seeds, one of my favorite fall snacks. What’s your favorite part of Halloween? What will you be this year?

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