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The weekend before last was Halloween! I had so much fun. I was dressed as a farmer/cowgirl/scarecrow, and I went with Katie, who dressed up as a strip of bacon. We liked to tell people that we were indeed a pair, I the farmer and she the slaughter.

We went around the school area neighborhood, which has a ton of houses in it. I was over the moon, because I got eight whole pounds of candy this year, more than I had ever gotten in my previous small town.

This year’s trick-or-treating also brought some nostalgia. However much fun Halloween in Texas is, I think I will always miss the little neighborhood parties, where it was a tradition to all go trick or treating together.

This is actually also the first year we’ve ever had to actually give out candy, believe it or not. The only other places I’ve lived were 1.) A house at the end of a cul-de-sac that no one ever trick or treated at, and 2.) A house with a driveway that gave you a workout just walking up it. It was so cute to see little kids in their costumes racing up our driveway to get candy!

What were you for Halloween? What’s your favorite candy?


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