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A Walk Down Memory Lane

In my life, I have moved twice. Once was in my old town, to just around the corner, and the other time was from Massachusetts to Texas. The first house I ever lived in was 51 Parks Drive. You might say it was in the middle of nowhere, in the center of a swamp. That’s what made it so great! Some of my best memories as a little kid are of me and my best friend, Kismet, and I having adventures in the lonely woods. We would run out and find something new, a huge fallen tree, chewed- on stumps from the family of beavers living there, or our favorite, a mucky, watery area with a log across it that we used as a balance beam. We had to be careful for the skunk cabbage, because if you stepped in it your shoes were ruined. That happened to her once, yikes!!

Weather in Massachusetts is much colder than Texas, so we had lots of snow. When we got at least 4 feet of it, my mom would let my sister and me jump off the monkey bars of our swing set and into the fluffy, white blanket below. We also liked to take “snow showers” where, if the snow was accumulating on the tree branches, we would yank them down so that a flurry of snow surrounded us. Sometimes the snow went tumbling down our backs, which was not a pleasant feeling. We still did it anyways.

There was an abundance of animals here too. You could find beavers, bunnies, deer, turtles, and all sorts of creatures roaming around that little area. I remember, when I found out I was moving, I was devastated even though it was only around the corner. I had become fascinated by the small family of rabbits that lived in the deep hole in our backyard. We finally had to put a miniature fence on top of that hole, because my dog happened to be a hunter. Loki loved to sniff out the rabbits, and sadly, he repeatedly tried to chew them up.

The trees on this property were perfect for climbing. They weren’t too high, but they were plenty strong. One in particular I loved the most, because I had found a way to climb almost to the top. I often came here to read a book, because I could wedge myself in between the branches in a way that I had both hands free to ruffle the pages. I love the feeling of being high up in the air where the wind can blow through my hair and I can breathe in the rich, deep smell of Earth!

Have you ever had to move? What do you miss from that area?

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