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LA Galaxy vs. NE Revolution game

I was going for the New England Revolution. Katie was going for LA Galaxy.  Sadly, the final score was 2-1; I guess Donovan got his fairytale ending.

Towards the end, it was a huge clash of cleats. LA’s goalie, Jaime Penedo, and A.J. Soares collided, and as the Galaxy player stalled (pretending to be in great pain, as many do to waste time) Soares began to get irritated.

To speed him up, AJ lifted the fallen goalie right off his feet, but then got even more frustrated for some reason, and pushed him right back down into the turf. Penedo face planted, and proceeded to sit up and look back up at the people now surrounding him, anger clearly burning bright in his eyes. After, Soares strode away confidently, without a look of regret on his face.

Check out a short clip of the occurrence down below!


Yesterday and today my soccer team has done really well in our games! Today we won 2-1 against a U14 team, and yesterday we won 2-0. Yesterday I scored a goal, which honestly doesn’t happen that often. (I’m more of an assist- type gal.) My friend and I put together a plan, which was for her to dribble up the ball and pass it to me, so I could tap it in. She dribbled it up all the way to the far right side of the net, and the passed it to me. The goalie got it first, but then toppled over and dropped the ball. I happened to still be there, so I got the rebound. It was perfect! Today we played really well also. It was a casual game (Doesn’t contribute to your overall ranking in the league) against the U14 girls. They were really good! It was super hot so we got water breaks every 15 minutes. The team played so hard. Go Spartacus!! 🙂

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