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Seventh Grade Reflection

Why Participation in Sports Should Be Mandatory

Participation in sports should be absolutely mandatory. Not only do sports keep you strong, but they also teach you how to work with a team. Your health and your ability to cooperate with others and two very important pieces of life.

Sports keep your heart rate up. The harder you work, the faster your heart pumps blood and oxygen out to the rest of your body. Later in life, having a healthy heart can protect you from experiencing a heart attack, or other heart diseases.

Another thing sports can do for you is teach you how to work with a team. If you know how to successfully cooperate with others, you can one day be happier with your job. Also, being on a sports team can teach you how to take winning or losing appropriately.

For me, sports are a great way to cool down, especially after a long day. Sometimes, after I get in a fight, or if I’m stressed, I go and kick around a soccer ball to let my anger out. It sounds silly, but getting outside and breathing some fresh air really helps to calm your nerves.

Finally, sports can improve your social life. I have made made many friends on my soccer team, some of the first people I met in Texas. Team building is a great way to be friendships and trust in people.

Overall, sports are great for both the mind and body. They should be an important part of any individual’s daily schedule. If they’re not, give ’em a try!

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