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Why Bethany Hamilton Inspires Me

Bethany Hamilton is a worldwide surfing champion, a dedicated donor to multiple organizations, a hardcore Christian, and an author. She also happens to have no left arm! She is one of my biggest role models and she inspires me every day.

Bethany was 13 when she was surfing in Hawaii and a huge tiger shark came and tore off her entire left arm. However, as soon as her shoulder was stitched up and healed, she got right back in the water and kept going. It took her awhile, but eventually she was just as good and ultimately better than she had been before the bite. She didn’t let the fear of another shark attack get in the way of doing what she loved most. I admire her so much because she persevered through it all and kept trying!

Another reason I love her is because her beliefs are so strong. For one thing, she has an incredible relationship with God. I’m a Christian, like her, and she inspires me so much to do good in the world. She went on tons of work trips to help those who are less fortunate, and finds small ways to incorporate her faith into everyday situations.

Bethany Hamilton in my mind is an incredible role model in so many ways. From her ability to constantly persevere despite her handicap to her admirable relationship with her Heavenly Father, she is someone whom I think has influenced many people around the world.

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