I waited for 5-10 minutes. It was my turn and I knew it won’t be good. I carried my bass into the room thinking that there might be a chance to sound fine, even though I sounded terrible all day—and only that day. The performance day.

Every day from the past two weeks I was good. I was perfect. I was ready. But I wasn’t. I woke up not nervous for that I thought I’d be the best out of my classmates. I practiced before I left to play my solo; It was no good. “Why today!?” I thought. I played on two strings, it sounded scratchy, it was out of tune—not music. Eventually I went to Hill Country Middle School. I unpacked, I tuned, I hoped.

Now it was my turn. I introduced myself nervously. Then I had to start. My hands were shaking. I took a deep breath. A long breath. An awkward long breath. Than I played. The first measure was scratchy, and the second was the same. Than I played at a slower tempo which sort of broke the pace. With the slower tempo, I kept playing. I got to the evil scale and I played on two strings instead of one on a few notes. The rest of the song went the same. Scratchy and flat. I sped up my playing a little to get this thing over with. At the end I hesitated; there was a moment of silence. I literally couldn’t keep up with my bow hand. After that half second stop, I played the rest. I walked out the room with a fast pace. I packed, and me and my family left.

That was Solo+Ensemble. An event where everyone gets a special solo, and plays in front of a judge. It’s finally happening again; on Feb. 7. I got my solo, and like last year’s story, I’ve been good at it for a while. I’m just worried that this year will be very similar to the what happened last year.

Are any of you playing a solo or have thoughts on this event? Comment!

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2 Responses to “Solo and Ensemble!? (Orchestra)”

  1. Stephanie Lifton said:

    Everyone gets nervous at times like these!

    Take a deep breath. Close your eyes. Visualize going into the rooms and killing it. Keep breathing. Repeat.

    Did I mention to keep breathing? It’s amazing what focusing on your breath can do.

  2. ma2 said:

    Sounds like me when I started teaching. Nerves become much easier to manage with time and patience. You are a wonderful bass player and have lots of talent.

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