February 16, 2015

Hi guys. This weekend I went to a wedding, and got to miss school on Friday because of it. Did I enjoy it? Not the wedding stuff, which is almost all of it. The wedding was for my older sister and her husband in Shreveport Louisiana.

The whole thing was just pretty stressful. The tuxedos weren’t fitting, the instructions for the wedding ceremony were confusing, the dinners were long and boring, being a groomsman was out of place, and all this wedding stuff didn’t allow my family and I to do a lot of fun things we would usually do on a trip. It was all a little disappointing. The best parts in my opinion was when I relaxed in the hotel, doing things I would normally do at home.

The road trip wasn’t very fun either. We left immediately after school Thursday, and got to Shreveport at 12:30 AM or something. Sure, I got to FINALLY finish my book, but still, long and boring. I also probably missed important lessons in school. I was suppose to review something important in math and start something new in one of my electives that day. I’m not sure what we did in my other classes.

Overall it was good to see some family, but it wouldn’t be as good as a relaxing weekend that would be shorter. Sure, it’s important to be there at my older sister’s wedding, but I’m not a big fan of weddings. What do I have to conclude? It wasn’t all bad. I also think I prefer more simple Jewish weddings. Not much different, but enough to be better in my opinion.

Do any of you have an interesting wedding experience? Comment!

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  1. Ms. Peterson said:

    I find weddings to be much more enjoyable now than I did when I was your age, but it sounds like you still managed to make the most of it! Great voice throughout your post! Good work, Thomas! 🙂

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