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February 20, 2015

Today, I’ll be giving tips and tricks to beat your friends at a video game. Which one you ask? Though I wanted something non-Nintendo, I couldn’t for that I can’t explain Assassin’s Creed well and I’m rusty on first person shooters. So I decided that I would talk about Super Smash Brothers (like I haven’t enough). Disclaimer: There is too many things to talk about. Very advanced manuevers won’t be on here, but I’ll talk about two important things. This applies to Smash for Wii U and 3DS.

Tip#1-Maneuvering. The best actual character (discluding Miis’) is Diddy Kong. Other than his iffy recovery, he has the best maneuverability in the game. I can explain later, but the point is that this aspect is one of the most important things in fighting games. Especially Smash. This and good predictions can pull off good combos, or a series of hits where you could lead an opponent to doom, or get some good damage on them. Dodging around everywhere generally isn’t the best idea. You might think you’re invincible all the time, but you’re really invincible to a fifth or a fourth. I might be over exaggerating, but most of the time you aren’t invincible. The best dodge is actually downward where there is a quick dodge without moving. If someone trys to grab you or perform an attack, in their animation when you’re done with a quick dodge you can then grab them. Now follow with a combo. A defensive strategy is to use projectiles and dodge away from your opponent. To play your game, they will probably do the same thing, except without any projectiles (most likely). When they finally get near you, they will most likely try to grab you or attack. Perform a downward dodge and do a downward smash attack. That strategy works best with Mario. How you maneuver is your choice, and different characters are better with different strategies.

Tip#2- Ledge guarding. In Smash, your opponent loses a life or point when they fly off the screen. Imagine the arena surrounded in a big rectangle. If they ever go past the dimensions they get KO’d (doesn’t matter which side). To get back on to the platform where most of the fighting should take place, they usually grab one of the ledges. Each character has usually two jumps and one recovery move to get back on stage. When you’re in the air, and you jump, that jump is used until you touch the ground or grab a ledge. If a character gets hit when they already jumped, their jump counter will not reset. Their recovery will though. For example, if I play Jigglypuff and I’m facing Captain Falcon, he might jump twice, but not use his recovery yet. Than he does try to recover, but I hit him somewhat far away from the ledge. He than can try to recover again once he’s out of hit stun (animation while you fly). He won’t make it back.  Another reason why Diddy Kong is the best in experts’ eyes  is that he has a very good spike/meteor smash. This kind of attack sends an opponent straight downward. If your opponent has high enough of a percent, they’ll get KO’d before they’re out of hit stun. If you do a spike/meteor smash to an opponent at a lower percent but with some good space away from a ledge, they might not get KO’d immediately, but they won’t make it back.

Smash Bros. can be quite deep. There is many more tips and more advanced techniques that I’ll like to share, but I can’t at this moment. You could say that Smash is very big in the competitive scene. I think it’s the only Nintendo game in the MLG Pro Circuit. In the end, Super Smash Brothers should be thought of a fun game, not a competitive one (Even though I play competitive). If you want to know more tricks, let me know. If you want to see some tricks in action, check out the video below.

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