The Phantom’s Lair?

February 26, 2015

There are many tales of the Phantom’s lair. Some say lonely, some say beautiful, some say dark, and some say evil. That is what it was supposed to be. Dangerous, horrible, terrible. All theses things. But what a lair was to him was not the same to everyone else. It wasn’t beautiful, or horrible, or dangerous, or evil. It was normal.

The phantom seemed to like music. His “lair” was littered with sheet music. There was an organ of course. Everyone knows that, but there was other instruments. A cello, a violin, a flute, a saxophone, a clarinet, a bass, and a piano. Though some say it is dark, it was actually not all. There was light, probably so he could write. The Phantom also had to eat. So of course he had dishes to do. It seemed like he didn’t do them much. The same for his laundry.

What defines a lair I do not know; I didn’t look it up in the dictionary before I wrote this. But to the phantom, and to me, a lair was an underground home. And that was what it was. A home where he wrote music, and created creative things, and lived. It might’ve been dark, and messy, but home is home. So what is the word to define his “lair?”


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  1. cpeterson said:

    Amazing post, Thomas! Great voice and details! 🙂

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