Isn’t it great to leave for Spring Break early? No. There is a LOT of cons, so I’ll be explaining them to you now!

Tests and make up work. I’m leaving school to go to San Francisco on Thursday this week, just after 6th period. This means I have to take a math test early, and a science test early. And I’ve missed a day or two in those classes because I was on a field trip on Friday and sick on Monday. So I kinda know the material, but not as much as other people. I just hope the science test is easy. The math one will be harder for sure, but I know more material on that so my confidence balances out on both tests to be the same: probably won’t fail, but there is a higher chance in that than getting near an A+. I’ll probably get a B or C. Luckily, I had an easier time catching up with English and social studies, so that’s good.

I’m still a little sick. I’ve been a little sick all week I’ve been to school. There was no chance that I’d pass a test if I missed another day, and it wasn’t that bad, so I went to school. The problem though is that my nose has more snot than usual, which means when the plane lands I could have a terrible pain in my head/ears. So with all the work is a race to get all the snot out. Medicine, rest, hot showers, you name it all! So far, I’m losing. The closer I get to winning, the less pain. Though there is a chance it’ll get out of my nose in time, I’m still a little worried. Another problem is that the flight had to move time to be earlier than originally planned. So there is no chance to have a hot shower before I go.

So yeah! The plan isn’t very good to make it through the week, but it’s the best it’ll ever be! Have you guys had a chaotic trip plan? Or a good Spring Break? Comment below! Have a happy Spring Break!

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