STAAR Writing Test

March 27, 2015

So the STAAR writing exam is coming up soon, and what else should I talk about? I mean, everyone’s freaking out! Why is this STAAR test a month earlier than the rest!? Why do you have to write essays!? Why do you have to write more than 1?! I’m supposed to use one idiot! I don’t even know how to write!!!! Why is there also a reading STAAR test!? Why is it pronounced “star,” and not “stare?!”

Everyone just needs to calm down! It’s sort of annoying and people don’t realize that the test is not that hard. It’s just really long. And boring. And really annoying (Especially The STAAR Reading Test). Though I’m not very scared to take it, Like everyone else, Im really not that excited. One problem I have with the personal narratives though is that the prompts are super specific. They’re SO specific that I can’t really think of anything.

When did you learn a lesson; I don’t know… in school?

Tell us a time you conquered your fear; doing something that relates to your fear isn’t conquering it.

Tell us a moment when you worked hard; when I did my homework? 10 out of 10 perfect essay. (though I could’ve thought of something better you get my point).

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