These three things are our most popular entertainment sources. Everyone of us has read a book, watched a movie, or played some sort of video game. All three of these things have similar and different characteristics about them. So what are they?

Movies, video games, and books all have a setting, theme, plot, mood, and usually dialogue. Though some of these things lack more in video games, they can still be present.

First, I’ll talk about movies. Of course the story needs a setting, and a plot. They can also insert mood on how a scene is shot, sounding, dialogued (word now), lighting, or a combination of these things. Out of the three main entertainment sources, I think movies can get the strongest mood. There is always dialogue, unless your watching a very old movie or a somewhat old animation. Than they usually make some gesture so we know what’s going on. Theme can also be expressed through films, but it isn’t as strong as books. Usually a voice over or ending can tell you the theme.

Next, I’ll talk about video games. This seems to lack in many of these things(because they’re games), but all of them can be expressed. One way games try to use all the features is through movies. Most games are actually animated, so I’ll give credit to the movies. Video games always has some setting, and all of them now have a plot. These things can be featured through movies, or the game itself using dialogue between the characters. Dialogue can be either voice over, or in-game text. Some games don’t really even have dialogue, and the decision is actually made through mood. Mood is what video games can do great (in my opinion) because you don’t need to have cinematic cutscenes or animations, but can actually be expressed through the actual game. They might have assistance through some cutscenes, but it’s good to actually tell the story through the game, and not depend on movies all the time. What games do best though is actual game design. Movies and books can’t do game design unfortunately.

Finally, I’ll talk about books. books are the foundation of entertainment story telling. They were the first to do it, and the one that does this the best. Of course they’re is the plot and setting, and all books usually have dialogue. They can get a good mood on how a thing is written, or said, or punctuated, or paragraphed. Don’t forget that books also have theme, and they express it the best. Sometimes the book might tell you the theme, but you might forget and infer the some thing later. They can truly bring out a message. It’s also cool that they take reading, an important skill that wasn’t meant for fun, and change it to something you can enjoy. They way they can foreshadow things is like non-other, even though movies and video games can do the same. And that’s what they do best. Not only deliver your story, but make you think, and how your thought compares to the real world. Or sometimes they’re just there for entertainment. Just a story…

So that’s the differences and samenesses. Which one is your favorite? Comment!


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  1. Stephanie Lifton said:

    I’m a book person all the way. Movies and games are fun, but nothing compares to curling up with a good book and getting lost in that world. I love using my imagination rather than looking at another person’s vision.

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