The Giver: No Color?

April 17, 2015

A world without color is a world with black and white shades. A beautiful sunset is still beautiful. Maybe less in our opinion, but out of everything else in black and white, it’s quite pretty. So why does color exist? Is it bad? In The Giver, the community within the story cannot perceive color for a reason. The reason why we see color.

Color isn’t dangerous. It isn’t bad, and there is really only a few reasons that I think we could use color in our advantage. I personally think we could live our lives without it, just as we watch black and white films that we still understand and enjoy.

Difference is the use for color. An obvious way the community in The Giver gave it up. The community in the book is supposed to have sameness. Nothing is supposed to be different or odd about something. Quality can be used in difference of color. If you’re having toast for breakfast, you’re going to want a golden brown color, and not a black burnt color. However, in the world without color, this could be used with different shades of gray. Not as easy to associate amazing toast though. We also use color to say something. Like you might Bold something with red if something is very important in directions. We attend to associate color with red for no/stop, green for okay/go, yellow for explaining, blue for sadness, purple for death/honor, and more. Also people like different colors. For example, my favorite is green. That causes difference and that isn’t what the community wanted.

Like I said before, I think I could go without color. Color is mainly there for beauty and difference. Not that there isn’t anything wrong with color of course, but it really isn’t that important. But what’s your favorite color? What’s your opinion on this? Comment!

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