Isn’t it great to leave for Spring Break early? No. There is a LOT of cons, so I’ll be explaining them to you now! Tests and make up work. I’m leaving school to go to San Francisco on Thursday this week, just after 6th period. This means I have to take a math test early, […]


February 16, 2015

Hi guys. This weekend I went to a wedding, and got to miss school on Friday because of it. Did I enjoy it? Not the wedding stuff, which is almost all of it. The wedding was for my older sister and her husband in Shreveport Louisiana. The whole thing was just pretty stressful. The tuxedos […]

Austin Panic Room

November 14, 2014

Hi guys. About two weeks ago on a Sunday, I went to the Austin Panic Room. I went with my family and three friends. Basically, you’re in a few rooms, and have to solve puzzles and find codes for locks to get out. It was pretty challenging. Though we almost got out, we didn’t. There […]

My Weekend

September 22, 2014

My weekend was a little different. I drove up to Oklahoma City, than the next day I went back home. I did some stuff there. I visited my older Sister and her Fiancée, went shopping, read, and went to the movies. We saw The Maze Runner. I liked the movie a lot, but my other […]

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