Some Summer Plans.

May 21, 2015

Hi guys. So as mist of you might know, this is the last post of the year. What should I do to make up special? Talk about the summer again? Talk about gaming? What we have been doing in class? Future plans? A made up story? A reflection of the year? Nope. Nothing to special, […]

Majora’s Mask 3D?!

January 25, 2015

Hi guys. Awhile back, I said I’ll review a game with the moon or something on my Stuff That’s happening post. The reason why I wanted to review it was because I got the game, and well… it’s somewhat hard to find. That game is called Majora’s Mask. Fun fact: a remake of the game […]

Stuff That’s Happening…

November 9, 2014

Hi guys. I have many things to talk about, but really can’t elaborate much on. So why not make a post with little elaboration, but a lot of things. Ah yes, the trickery of illusion… Anyway, let us start this post by saying I’m sick. I’m not at school for a day. The only really […]

Hi guys! I play a lot of video games. Mostly old ones like on the Genesis or the NES. One of my favorite games on the NES is Mega Man 3. I played it a lot during the summer, and got pretty good, but not near as good as this guy. Check it out!!! Speed […]

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