Overcast flooded the normally beautiful California skies. Most of California  did need it though. The nearby water supply had nearly been depleted, but that looked like it was about to change. Mary Tyler a researcher for the CDC like many others welcomed the fact of pure drinking water. She looked up at the gray sky and smiled before going to work. She got to work about 8:45 about an hour and half before she saw the sky. She walked toward the CDC building pend the door and continued to her office. Along the way she waved to her fellow coworkers, janitors about anyone she could find really. She was a happy person but not elated like she was today. She was so happy because It was her birthday today she loved birthdays especially if it was hers. She was so happy that she got a little careless in her movements and she tripped and fell on a janitor. She got up and apologized to him. He nodded and went on his way but she got a look at his face. It wasn’t ugly or disfigured it was just that she’d never seen him before. She told herself he was probably just that he was new and she went on her way.

She sat down at her desk and started typing away on her computer. She did her work diligently for about 3 hours until another researcher Jim O’riley tapped her on the shoulder. He said “happy birthday” and gave her a medium sized red box. She was about to reply when she heard a door slam open. 5 men dressed protected armor wear and armed with automatic rifles barged in to the main area. Everyone panicked some people were running around like madmen unable to deal with the situation in front of them. Others ran and hid under any thing they could find. Some people just thought it was military and were too scared to think of a reason why they were there.  Some people tried to escape but the exits were all locked. As for the armed men hey looked at each other nodded and started running toward a lab they were going to steal something . A worker in the building caught wind of this and tried to lock the lab. A fools errand the men shot her down on sight. Mary did to though ad slowly crept towards the nearest desk to the entrance of the lab. She waited until the last soldier ended the lab and followed them in undetected.

once they were in the lab she crept to a nearby hallway with a decent vantage point. There were some dangerous chemicals in the lab —which they clearly somehow knew so they stole some protective suits from the lab. 4 got into the suits while one sold on guard outside. They looked nearly everywhere in the lab but still couldn’t find what they were looking for. She wanted to have a better look she could only see half of the lab and she couldn’t change cover because she would be spotted so she took a risk and leaned forward. The guard noticed this and drew his rifle. A rush of adrenaline flowed throughout Mary’s body but she stayed perfectly still because moving would get her killed. The guard was about to move when someone in the lab shouted “found it,”           The men immediately dressed out of there suits and into their armor he guard handed them a suitcase. They immediately took some contraption and each took a gas mask. Mary covered her mouth trying not to scream whatever they were doing it was bad.

She immediately rushed ovef back to the main room were he say  group of people banging on the doors but the wouldn’t budge. They through shoes drinks fire extinguishers at the windows the glass was bulletproof it was pointless.  Then The gas came streaming through the vents. That was it there was no escape, the gas was poisonous people fell to their knees weeping and Mary just ran to her desk trying to stay alive.With her last ounce of energy she opened her last present to find a paper with two words written on it I’m sorry.

Wave of the Future

Machines will be the downfall of organic life unless the are stopped. I know what your thinking and it is possible trust me. No your toaster isn’t going to electrify you and your microwave isn’t going to suffocate you.I don’t mean it like I mean advanced machines like robots AI’s and androids they all mean the end. Why your asking well I’ll show you why.

First off is robots, and when I mean robots I mean non-self aware robots …yet. At  first you might think Yeah robots! Their cool and they can do a ton of things for you without consequence. First off that’s slavery self-aware or not and robots would basically cause a huge divide between rich and poor with the majority being poor. Why? well that’s an easy question because they would take nearly every job away from the human race. Except for programmers and engineers and the corporation/government there  that many jobs left for us. Think about would you rather have paid workers who can complain and have limitations and gets tired or have an unpaid, unfeeling obedient being who never tires for basically every job. so if we do this,if we let robots into our working class the vast majority of people will be unemployed, which while cause riots,starvation, lack of shelter etc.


So robots are a bad idea, but what about Artificial Intelligence or AI. Well They’re not much better really. If you have ever seen any sci-fi movie ever you probably know how terrible and monstrous they are. which in my opinion they are but i’m not alone on this opinion. Professor Stephen Hawking (not sure if you’ve heard of him) agrees with me. He agress on the fact that AI’s are very useful but have the potential to surpass humanity. An AI’s potential intelligence is the one of Its greatest’s Benefit to humanity and  the most terrifying. If we were able to create a free thinking machine it could also be unfeeling. It would most likely think with only logic  not emotion and if this is so, it would come to the conclusion that the human race is inferior. think about it we tire, we let emotions consume us,an we are all eventually going to die. A machine has none of those problems  so if we were to give the AI the freedom we are willing to give it and tell it to help humanity by lets say find a way to end world hunger. It’s conclusion would be the easiest one …to kill the starving. Or maybe It think’s Its creators should cease to exist and having the greatest  well of information in the world(the internet) it could learn how to hack fire walls bank accounts…. nuclear codes. It could destroy us all… if it felt like it.

So I think that’s enough gloom and doom for one post. Just keep your mind open about the way the future if going homicidal robots or global warming or even your next test. And make sure to watch out for the Wave of the Future

The Sorrowful Lie (part 1)

Today I would like to do something different then my usual blog post’s, and write a fiction story set in the Rangers apprentice universe. Hope you enjoy and so long.


The sun,some say it’s beautiful and majestic. Well I think It’s bright and irritating. Some say it lights not just the ground we walk but our souls. I say it sucks all the moisture out of your body and soul . Go ahead call me pessimist, a downer and extinguisher of hope. Because maybe I am one ,but I have a reason why I hate the sun, why I’m a pessimist ,downer, an extinguisher of hope. Because I have been a farmer my whole life and the sun all it is,is a reminder of another morning of inconceivable drudgery. A reminder of my life, a reminder of…her. So I bid farewell to you my love, may we meet again.


This is the letter that Thain Wiltshire left for his wife the day he set of to find a purpose. I show you this letter because I believe this is the best way to explain his motives for what is to come. His words describe to perfection his state of mind. Now I will begin this sorrowful story of a man and a cruel fate for all, truly a sorrowful lie

Nobody had caught on to thain’s plan of escape, and trufully he saw no one at all. So he stood up and started sprinting,why he did this is unbeknownst to me, but I usually just assume he felt a surge of adrenaline and well he ran. As his leathers boots clanked on the stone road of his village. He ran by Mr.Williams house—a known light sleeper was awoken by the sound of running. He immediately rose from his soft cushion bed and looked out the window. It may have seen thain for only a second— rending near impossible for him to recongnize him. He did see green garment, thick leather pants and a worn down pair of boots. He rushed to his door but when he stepped outside he was gone.


After that he made It out of his village. Running gleefully he turned his head to the right and… he had almost forgotten. His smile had dissepeard so quickly that it would seem as if the very thing he turned to ripped it away. Standing in front of him was a gravestone. The markings on the stone was… well I truly don’t know. The only one who knew was thain and he never said who was on it. So I have a… you know what I’ll let you decide who it was. Who it was isn’t all that important, what is important is what he does. Thain walks up to the stone,eyes watered, teeth chattering and a blankness on his face. He walks slowly to the grave as if he was going against his own will. Once he reached the stone crouch and placed a white rose and shed a tear. He saw the tear and muttered the words ” You were always too smart for your own good. Always wanted to change the world for the better. We’ll I’ll do the things you didn’t have the chance to do   . I will make you proud, even if it’s the last thing I’ll ever do I will. Goodbye “. He turned around with a grimace strewn across his face. He looked down at the ground then unfortunately he looked at the sky. Or attempted to because as soon as he raised his head, A cloaked man appeared before him.


To Be Continued

Why The Way The U.S Handles Education Is Wrong

The way schools our run in United States is to put it lightly,It’s  atrocious. From standardized test to an almost complete childhood filled with paperwork. It seems as if the government is trying to make school as unfulfilling and miserable as possible. So today I would like to embark on a journey through reality of American public schools.


First things first I don’t hate the American Government, I simply hate the way schools are run. With that out of the way I am going to start on our first topic, Standardized Testing. Imagine it was your job to design how the testing in schools should be done, would you let the teachers make all of the tests including the most important ones. So the students know whats on the test so the can be prepared  and the test is fitted to how the student has been  taught. Or maybe not have a big test at all and just maybe see his quiz and tests grades to see if he or she is ready. Or have a test were the student have no idea what’s going to be on the test and may be the reason you move on to  the next grade or to college. That also puts under so much pressure that swimming to the darkest crevice of the ocean would put you under less pressure. That’s when you know you have gone to far.


Another thing is how much time you spend at school. Schools typically force students to got schools around 1000 hours a year, and five days a week for most of the school year. Which in my opinion is simply too much. Some students say they don’t feel rested enough after a countless 5 days of work which slows productivity and causes their minds to wander during class. So the should probably just make a school week 4 days right? You might say that students couldn’t learn as much in 4 as they could in 5 days,But in Finland there schools only have 4 day weeks and they beat us in most all aspects of education our school system.


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this blog post about America’s school system and I hope even more someone does something about it. I personally think my school life has been pretty good. I have learned a lot of things and my school is pretty well run. Its some other schools I’ve herd about have been struggling greatly and I want that to change. I’m just saying people could be ten times smarter if somebody could make a change to this system.



Rangers Apprentice

Today I would like to talk about my favorite book series Rangers apprentice.

Rangers apprentice is a bestselling book series totaling 8.5million copies sold worldwide. It follows the story of a young orphan boy who is chosen to be a ranger in the the fantasy land of Araluen. The author of the series is John Flanagan a writer from Sydney Australia.

Rangers apprentince is my favorite series for many reasons. For one, It sparked my interest in books again. At the time I wasn’t that interested in books and that caused me to not reach my reading goal. But with interesting plot lines and stupendous descriptions ,I finally found something that would get me to read again.

That was why I love the series but last year in march the New York Times published a short article about a ranger apprentice movie. This was extremely exciting I had been waiting a few years for even a whisper about a movie and it finally came. What’s even more exciting is the movies budget. According to the New York Times there have been investments into the film. The highest investor is a Chinese movie company that has invested 500 million dollars. Production should have begun last fall so in my opinion it will be released around 2021 at the earliest.

Anyways I’m super excited for the movie, and I hope it’s great film. Hope you enjoyed and see ya later!


The Dallas Cowboys


First thing first,I am not a Cowboys fan I have never have been. This is not because of there mediocre play that has dominated them in the past few years. This is because there owner Jerry Jones.

The reason why I don’t like Jerry Jones is because of many reasons. For one he tried to draft Johny Manziel. You know the current free agent player who got released from his team after 2 years with them,he tried to draft him. Not to mention he is way to small to even play NFL football. Jerry Jones also thinks he is the owner, the coach and the GM. He on multiple accounts interfered with play calling which is in sane


But enough about Jerry Jones time for the next topic Dallas and the Super Bowl. The Dallas Cowboys rolled through the NFL scoring a 13-3 regular season  record. Which was much better than there past seasons record of 4-12. Which gives people the idea that the Cowboys is are great. I have heard some people saying that the are going to win the Super Bowl. Even broadcasters and experts are jumping on the bandwagon. Me though I don’t think the same way. If you asked any of those people why the think so The will most likely say “because of there rookies”. Which is undeniably true but there rookies not just to the NFL but to the Super Bowl. Which has a reputation to crush any newcomers. One of these newcomers was Cam Newton, An older more experienced player. That completely choked and put up below average numbers and costing his team a Super Bowl. I think It will do the same to the Cowboys and a more Super Bowl experienced team such as the patriots will crush them.


We’ll that is my opinion on the Cowboys owner and Super Bowl winning chances. If you have a different opinion feel free to leave it in the comments. Thank you for reading and see ya later!


Today I would like to talk about “The most wonderful time of the year” Christmas. It might be a bit overused topic,but I would like to talk about it anyway.


You’re probably asking what exactly i’m going to talk about. I mean there are about a thousand things that I could talk about,But today I would like to talk about giving. This topic has been bouncing around my head ever since My 4th period English class has begun to read the book. The book was written by Charles Dickens around 1843. He wrote this book because he saw some things happening in Victorian London to others,loved ones and even he was a victim to a cruel industrialist London. So what dickens did knowing he was no politician did the only thing he could to change London, which is to write a book called a Christmas Carol.


I talk about this because It is Important to my topic, It is the whole reason for my thought process and there might not be a Christmas without this book. First lets talk about the good side to giving actually giving a good example of this is a charity  my mom works at a charity called Coats For Kids Which is pretty self explanatory. In a nutshell the give coats to people that need them. Which is a great cause. My shared opinion on charity is that It should be done by the people better off than most should give and help those who need there help the most.


Next I would like to talk about the bad side of giving which is not giving at all. Some people though decide not to give even though the can afford to.As if that wasn’t enough there are even more of the wealthy that pretend to be “real” charities for publicity.  Some even try to make money off of them,and if that wasn’t even enough SOME DO MAKE MILLIONS,MILLIONS! off of others people’s money. Your probably saying this isn’t true but it is I have proof. Just look at this article about kids get well charity  on CNN. This is despicable disgusting how any mortal being could do this. So I beg you give a little if you can to someone anyone and if  put these people to shame,and please remember “someone who gives is never poor”.


That’s all for now and see ya later.

My Poem

This Is my poem and author’s note Enjoy!


By Jim Melton
A man was walking down a hollow street
His clothes were red and black but his face was bleak
The man was a mountain of sorrow and regret
You could tell the moment you saw him
With his mouth filled with so much sadness it sank to the bottom
And his eyes stand still,stationary,empty
like his brain had to suck everything he saw just to get to tomorrow

He was a soldier no doubt
It was obvious by his old torn U.S army beret
But there is more
When you heard him speak his voice was stern and ice cold and very demanding
When you saw him walk it was in a straight line
With one foot coming at the other at a very decent pace
When he stands,he stands obediently and waits
But what he truly is waiting for has never come until now
I can hear the sound of those massive footsteps touching the earth
My heart leaps with joy he’s next
My mouth gurgles with blood
There is no escaping that corner or any other
When he sees me he knows me an old foe so to speak
He knows I’m coming if everything else wasn’t enough
A bleak black sky devoured the morning sun
The earth itself started trembling in fright
Birds and animals alike burrow in the ground he
Even if it will kill them they’re too afraid
Bah I’ll tap them later I thought
No matter I spoke in a tone deeper than the depths of hell
“Edgar Theodore Tyler I have come for you,Let me touch you and the heavens decide your fate”.
But the man now stands obediently and with shocking patience
Now those deep blue eyes were looking straight into me
He stood her with a smirk on his face and laughed
Then up from the heavens I heard screams
“Not ready,Not ready” thundered the heavens
And I was thrusted back into the depths
As the man walked back home
he said looking straight to st the ground
“Believe what you want to believe
Say what you want to say
But always keep that smile bright
And the devils of the world will take flight”
Author’s Note
I wrote this poem because of a lot of reasons. For on it was around Veterans Day and I was feeling like I should give something back,so I wrote it about a soldier. Another reason was I had this burning passion to write something meaningful. I really want my reader to see Poe and his surroundings well. I also really want my reader to feel the twists and turns of the poem. It may not seem so but I was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe hence the title


The Presidential Election,Well Sort Of

I was going to talk about my opinion on the presidential election. I will do that in some way but there was something else very surprising to me. You may be asking what can be more surprising than a walking talking meme,but somehow someway it is.

This is a petition to “make Hillary Clinton President” through the electoral college has been signed by about 1 million people. Some of you may think it is impossible for the electoral college. There have been 157 votes that have gone against the candidate chosen by there state. It is also stated in the constitution that this is perfectly legal. You also may be thinking this is biased because america choose trump  So that is who should be president,but you would be wrong. Technically speaking Hillary won the popular vote So therefore She got more votes so more people want her.

Now I’m going to stray away from the petitions facts and more towards what it means to me. What it means to me is more proof that the system is flawed and we are not  a democracy. The evidence I have is well the petition it furthers the point that is America should elect there president by popular vote. That is simple more people want her than Trump Its simple yet we had to make it so over-complicated. If the electoral college does do this then we betray our own system which might even be worse.

Now I’m going to talk about the chances of this happening. To be honest I think the chances are pretty slim but there is I think there is still a chance this could happen. I think this because of all of the riots and uproar this election is causing  some people are legitimately moving to Canada.There have been some very violent riots and if you just go around asking people they are usually either don’t want to talk about it ore the happy or angry and depressed about the election. People are getting so upset that there have been a substantial increased dials for the suicide hotline.

So that was some facts and opinions on the petition.Hope you enjoyed and see you later.



The San Antonio Spurs

Pixabay CC0

Today I would like to talk about, my favorite basketball team the San Antonio Spurs

I’ve been a Spurs fan for as long as I can remember. Even though they’re about a 45 minute drive I still call them my home team. You may ask why I am not a Rockets or Mavericks fan,and their reason is not that the Spurs are closer to home. It is because that when I was little I saw my first Spurs game,and I liked them so much that is burned into my brain like a cow being branded so I have never rooted for another basketball team.

So now I’m going to do quick recap of the Spurs season and offseason this year. The biggest news for the Spurs off season,or should I say giant news is that Tim Duncan 5 time champion officially retired. People were saying that the Spurs would have trouble with this lost ,but they seemed like the Spurs have proven them wrong. Because of there record (4-1) and there amazing victory over the Warriors in Oakland. This is due to the amazing playing by Kawhi Leanord shocking amount of points and steals by Kawhi.

So I’m going to finish this post off by making my predictions for the Spurs this season. My prediction for the San Antonio record is ………… 70-12 and the will be the 2016-2017 NBA champions this year. That’s all for now,and see ya later!

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