Why I Am Excited about this Summer.

I am very excited about this summer because I will be getting a new dog. We were thinking about getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback because he won’t shed as much as a lab, but when she will be grown up, she will be as tall or even taller than a fully grown lab.3H3A5615 Andrew. via Compfight

We are super excited for this new family member and for the rest of the summer to enjoy with her. I will do a blog post hopefully in June (2016) when we were thinking of getting her. We don’t know a good name for her yet, so if you have any good names that we could use, please post them in the comment section.

Poem About the Beach

Sand engulfs me as I walk
Gulfs fly past me
The waves crash on the shore,
Not a noise, not a talk

But then I come back
I’m in my desk
I hear noises that are
Different than the beach’s

I ask to go to the beach
Even though it’s far
but the drive will be worth it
As long as I’m at the beach

sunset-658583_1280 (1)





Yay it’s Friday, but I have to ride the bus. Friday’s are usually fun and exciting because it’s the last day until the weekend, but on the bus, I hate Friday’s.

For me I actually like going to school because during the weekends, I have literally nothing to do on the weekends because my parents rarely let us do something out of the house, but the subject of this story was why I don’t enjoy Friday’s. The weekends was one reason, but mostly because school is over in the afternoon and usually people have ‘sleep overs’, so the bus is so over crowded that people have to sit on the floors.

Also another bad reason about Friday’s on the bus is because our bus is the only one that goes through our rout, unless you count the high school bus, but I can’t ride that one cause I’m not a high schooler. Please west ridge, make another bus that goes through lost creek and down bay hill dr.

In conclusion to the weekends Is that there’s no more busses that you have to ride. Also if you are reading this, please comment if you want another bus that goes down bay hill dr. If you are a principal or assistant principal, please, please, please make another lost creek bus because the kids get really annoying.

What I Have Written!

In English class we got a paper were it said character or person, call to adventure, obstacles along the way, and transformation after slaying the dragon. This is what I wrote!

Thomas Marty.

Thomas had to get candy from the kitchen.

He had to get off the couch and walk to the candy bowl, then walk back and sit on the couch.

Thomas had a candy bar.

So the first line of this story was the CHARACTER OR PERSON. Then the second line was about the CALL TO ADVENTURE. Then after that line were the OBSTACLES ALONG THE WAY. The last one was the TRANSFORMATION AFTER SLAYING THE DRAGON, even though there were no dragons. I hope you enjoyed this summary, and please comment on what you thought about it.

Things I really wanted.

For Christmas I have always wanted stuff that was pretty expensive or really fragile, but I was still a little kid back then. Here’s some of the stuff that I’ve always wanted when I was little or the age right now, or maybe in the future. Ok I don’t want you bored so here it is, the long list of presents that I’ve always wanted.

Long time ago. Ok, I know that iPhones 6 are very famous these days, but I wanted an HD cannon camera, but it must have been really expensive because I didn’t get it, just like most of the other presents I’ve always wanted. Also I’ve wanted a laptop so I can take it everywhere I go so if I take a video, I get to upload videos on there, but I couldn’t because I didn’t have a laptop. So I would have to upload my videos on his laptop. The thing I’ve always wanted!!

This year. I’ve wanted some things for the layout in our game room, so I have asked for 2 engines (two SD-70ACE’s), but of course since they’re so expensive. I have also asked for some auto racks and trust me when I say a lot of well cars, but of course I didn’t get them, but luckily my super hero powers of begging let my parents get me some.

Or maybe it was Christmas magic?

Finally we come to the future. I think I will ask for an apple device because trust me on this one also, the kindle fire,or the kindle fire HD SUCK!! I will never recommend one of them because the kindle fire HD has literally the lowest storage you’ll ever find in the world. Oh yea don’t remind me of the kindle fire. It is literally the worst device I have come across ( other then the leap frog thingy magiger) because of its low storage and not even has a camera it is probably the most useless device.

Christmas is my favorite holiday, but sometimes it can be a pain because when a kid opens a present, they are hoping to get what they want and if they don’t get what they want they can get pretty mad. Now teenagers can really care about phones, but I have never had a phone. Oh wait. I have actually had a phone that my mom gave my, but it was an old one with no touch screen and DIDN’T EVEN WORK!! Now adult could care less about what they get like if they get new clothes like they just ate 30 candy bars.



I love Christmas! I am so excited that I got pretty much most of the stuff I got, but Christmas is not just about getting, but it’s time to spend time with family and loved ones, and of course your pets. If you have pets. I have also gotten stuff in my stocking other than coal because I was mostly a good kid.

I was also happy that my guinea pigs got one of the biggest presents. They got a new house, which can kind of fit both of them together. They’re old house was very dirty, broken, and ugly stained. I hope they love they’re new house because when I opened the present for them and put it in their cage, they ran straight under it and squeaked for joy.

I also got very cool things, and so did my brother, my mom, and my dad. I hope you got some cool presents for Christmas because this was one of my favorites. This Christmas is one not to be forgotten.

My favorite holiday!

My favorite holiday is Christmas because you get to spend time with family and open presents, but most of all is that there’s no school for at least one entire month! I hope you enjoy this holiday as much as I do. Post in the comment section what your favorite holiday is.

One problem about Christmas is that I never get what I want, but I still like it because no school and time with family, which is precious because I never really get to see my family because of work or school. Post if your favorite holiday is wonderful Christmas.

Auto correct error!

When I was in science, I had to type my warm up as usual, but I spelled a word wrong and it corrected it. I thought I can get some funny things auto corrected like this, so I started typing in random things and getting random things here and there. I probably spent a minute and a half just spamming letters in the screen and seeing what it will auto correct it to. When I tried to type creative funny I mixed up the letters, but it was too confusing for auto correct so I shortened it down and I got this funny auto correct picture right here.