Schools About to End!!! :)

Finally, the school year is coming to an end.

This year has gone by very quickly and I’m still ready for summer. I just want to be in England. I’m leaving some time in early June to leave for England. And I’m getting back in around august. I’m so ready to go to the beach! I can take some really nice pictures there. And I really am trying to get into photography. I love spending time with my family in England. I don’t feel cozy in England because it’s really modern at my grandparents house. But it’s chill because I have my own room. I just wish I could bring my puppy with me, she misses me a lot and it makes me feel really bad. I’m very excited to attempt to sleep for once.


Hope its a good Summer!!!

American Horror Story!!! :)))

Woah look at me I have a topic to write about…and a new obsession. I’m honestly such a fangirl.

So recently I watched five episodes = five hours, of American Horror Story with my best friend Lexi. I’m not really aloud to watch it because my mom thinks it hurts my innocence but I kinda talked her into it and she doesn’t scold me for it anymore.

I wasn’t hooked watching the first three episodes. Nothing amazing happened. But it’s gotten so much more interesting. While watched it you will find many mysteries you didn’t expect before. And it’s full of surprises and sad moments.

If you aren’t ok with seeing self harm then it’s probably not good to you because the first season at least has 3 self harm scenes. And there’s a lot of other weird things that probably a aren’t the best to explain.

But if your looking for an interesting and creepy series. Then you’ll probably like it. By the way Stranger Things is still better.

Why Blog Posts Frustrate Me!!! :(

So this is the reason blog posts frustrate me…Well, a lot of things frustrate me.

We should be allowed a certain amount of time to do a certain amount of blog posts. Kinda like the reading logs. It’s frustrating how I have to do one almost every week. I have horrible memory and I just don’t have time. Just kidding, I have time– I just like being lazy. Mr.gray and many other of my teachers ask me, “TILLY WHERE IS YOUR WORK?!” And I realize I spent the whole night watching Netflix when I could’ve finished my work. Pretty often I turn in my work so late I forgot when it was even supposed to be turned in. This is something I’m gonna have to work on.

I procrastinate so much. I also get like no sleep, thanks to my loud dogs. My door is shut when I go to bed but it the middle of the night it’s opened thanks to all the scratching and knocking against it. And I always wake up feeling so gross, like I haven’t slept, and during the day is just the same. Well, whatever… school is trash but good.

Thankfully we don’t have blog posts every single week.

Why I’m Excited For Spring Break!!! :)

My Spring Break is going to be extremely laid back.

The most exciting thing of my Spring Break is that I’m going to the beach, for one of my best friend birthday. We will be staying in a hotel for a couple of nights. I think it’s going to be a great experience.

The rest of my break is going to be spent relaxing and watching Netflix. I hope I get a good amount of sleep and studying done. I will probably hang out with friends when I have nothing better to do. I might actually read because I’m getting into it I guess.

I think I’m gonna end up with nothing to do at all. But I could try and do something with my family…they are so boring so I’m not sure yet.

I am very excited to sleep in and not be worrying about school for a week.

Why I Don’t Enjoy Sundays!!! :(

Ready to hear me rant for the thousandth time…

Ok so I have nothing interesting to write about at the moment so your gonna have to put up with this.

So the reason I’m not to happy on Sundays are because, I have to study tons and as well as stress over school the next day. If there isn’t school that day or if it’s not a break than there ok, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I never have anything to do on the weekends. Other than watch Netflix all day or hangout with my friends. Haha I have friends. The thing is school just is to much for my slow brain. I’m really sleepy majority of the school period.

see how I did that I said period right before I put a period. Not funny. Adiós.

Season Two Stranger Things Trailer!!! :)

  • On Super Bowl Sunday the main thing I wanted to see other than football was the new trailer for Stranger Things.

When I first saw the trailer I litteraly screamed. I watched it so many times before posting it on social media. I was waiting to see it for a long time. Now I just have to wait for the actual season 2.

Season two will be out on Halloween 2017. I am very excited to watch obviously. I’m gonna try and watch it over night and maybe the next day if I’m to tired to go to school. Because you know “Halloween hangover”. I haven’t been this excited over a series on Netflix yet.

One of my friends actually auditioned to be a character named Max in season two. I know a good amount of stuff about season two. I don’t have any spoilers yet. As well as my friend who auditioned she didn’t make it but is going to bring me the script to read for her part in the Netflix original.

My parents and brother are gonna get into. That is pretty much all I talk about to people who like it. Eleven better be there In season two. That made my Sunday a million times more interesting.

My opinion on School!!!:(

For many people school is simple or fun, For me it’s not.

In school I’m probably not as depressed as the majority of time I am at home. I’ve been told I’m good at hiding my emotions. I try my best to stay positive, but mostly at school.

School isn’t something I’m good at. I’m failing Spanish at the moment and gettining 70’s in two other classes. I’m really trying to work hard but I have so much on my mind. English is one of my favorite classes. English is just fun to me. This would all be a lot better if we didn’t have to wake up so early. I don’t think it’s good for you to constantly wake up early every morning and go to school to work. I get headaches a lot stressing over tests.

My actual New Years revoulution is to get good grades.

New Years :)

My new year started off very interesting.

My friend and I spent new years eve messing around and watching movies. Than my whole family was gone at a party except my mom who was working. They left around 10:00 and were back around 11:30. I wished I would’ve gone…Then my dad came home and said were going back up there. We ended up going. Me and my friend climbed on top of the roof then ran into the woods.

At exactly 12 we shot the loudest and biggest fireworks and all the people yelled HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! It was so much fun. At 2:00 we left the party and went home. Me and my friend watched some Netflix and went to bed.

The next day I got another friend aswell so there were three of us. My mom dropped us off at the galleria and met another friend there. We got starbucks, candy, and clothing.

I guess I started 2017 off pretty well.

Excited For The Break!!! :)

Tell me in the comments what part of the break you’re excited for.

I am very excited for Christmas. My family is going to make a big dinner and we will spend the whole morning opening gifts. The house will be filled of laughter and cheerfulness. I always watch a movie on christmas eve and watch the second one at 4.

On Christmas I can’t sleep what so ever. Because I’m way to excited to spend the day with my family. Sometimes on Christmas day me and my friend have a sleepover. It’s very fun to spend time with people you love because…life doesn’t last forever. Ok that was really cheesy. Hope everyone has an amazing break!

Sorry this was extremely pointless to right about.

Thanksgiving!!! :)

Ok so this is what my Thanksgiving was like…


My family, except me made food. I sat there watching netflix and doing nothing. Im the lazy one..actually were all lazy. So like a friend came over to eat with us because I hate spending holidays alone. So we ate and then relaxed for a while. Then we went to my other friends house. We stayed there for a bit and then my two friends and I went back to my house to sleepover. We ate lots of pie, actually not me my friends. Then we scared each other to death. We played this really creepy game. It was really fun. I bet at this point of reading your extremely confused. But that fine. Then the rest of the night consisted of movies.


Hope everyone liked this its super boring 🙂