The Phantom’s Lair

Deep down in the bowels below the opera house. There lives a phantom in these bowels. This is his lair, his lair of despair, of distress, and of desperation.

Down, down, getting deeper, and darker.

You have to put your hand at eye level so a noose doesn’t catch you because he’s a killer. He will take any chance to catch more prey. And when he captures you he will use your blood to make yet another portrait about what he feels about the world, hatred and prosperity. He’ll later use your bones to frame his portrait of revulsion.Your blood will drip from his cold, beat up hands.

If you make it down there alive, you will sorringly have to see the vicious snarl upon his face. He’ll slowly walk toward you as fog seeps through the cracks in the walls making it harder for you to see him, and it makes it easier for him to find you. You’ll try to run, you’ll try to hide, just don’t take too big a step backwards or you might fall in. You might fall into his lake of lonely souls. This is where he traps the souls of his past and most recent prey.

See you weren’t the first to explore this pit of hell. Just ask Johnny’s mom what happened.

1 thought on “The Phantom’s Lair

  1. I love how you used alliteration with the “down, down, getting deeper, and darker” it adds drama to the post and depth! I like how you used the word prey instead of bait or some other word!

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