Photos to Enhance a Post

What do you think of when you hear the word rain?

It probably depends on the circumstances and your mood.  We all know that rain can be an uplifting thing or a disappointing thing, a weather event that ruins your plans or a welcome gift to relieve drought.

Look at the following photos.  All five depict rain, but they each have a different “feel” to them.

In your Writer’s Notebook, do a quick write in response to the pictures.  Spend two minutes writing about each photo and its depiction of rain.


It´s just an illusion.
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Daniela Hartmann via Compfight

Water drops on grass
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Sergiu Bacioiu via Compfight


Against the drops #2
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Le Tchétché via Compfight


118/365 :: Specks of Light and Water
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Matt Katzenberger via Compfight


Day 227: Rain
Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Snugg LePup via Compfight

Do you find a difference in tone (your attitude toward the topic) and mood (the feeling your words create) depending on which photo you are responding to?

Think about the power of images as we continue with today’s lesson on using images in posts.

3 thoughts on “Photos to Enhance a Post

  1. I really love these posts they, are very eye catching. The black and white photo is my favourite because it is very wet and dark and mysterious

  2. First rainbow was pretty calming, second photo was very illuminating, third photo was kind of boring and didn’t really understand it; the abstract photo looked like a one taken from a street and delighted me. The last one I can’t remember.

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