#14stubc: Hello from Austin, Texas!

Or should we say “Howdy, y’all!” instead?

Challenge bloggers from #14stubc (the fourteenth Edublogs student challenge) and other visitors, we are glad you have stopped by for a visit. Most of us are new to blogging, but we are excited to get started on our posts and to reach out to new friends across the world.

Have you ever been to Texas? Our city, Austin, is the capital. It’s located in the beautiful hill country in the center of the state. Check out the video to get a sense of the place we are proud to call home:

That’s the Colorado River flowing through our town. Did you notice the bats that fly out from under the Congress Avenue bridge? We’ve been known to have bats in our school from time to time!

In the comments we’ll share more about why we love our city. You can see our Austin posts from earlier challenges here and here.

Note:  We realize there is a misspelling in the video title.  We wish that it was our mistake to fix, but alas, it isn’t, and we can’t!

37 thoughts on “#14stubc: Hello from Austin, Texas!

  1. I just moved from Chicago to Austin and I already can say that I like Austin more than Chicago. When I first moved here someone told us that you belong here when you feel happy, and that is almost instant.

  2. I love Austin! It’s very unique compared to other cities in Texas. There is lots of live music and super great food. Most people think of Texas as flat and desert like. But Austin very green and has lots of hills. I have lived here all my life and I really like it here.

  3. I think this is a really cool video about Austin all the trees buildings and rivers. Its really good pictures. I can also relate to the music from fifth grade when we listened to a video like this but instead of Austin it was about biomes.

  4. I really love Austin it is a very cool and unique place I love going to downtown and the Barton Springs pool keep austin weird!!!!

  5. I think that Austin is one of the best cities. I really like how it’s known for the city of music. I also really like all of the unique food trucks all around Austin there so good!

  6. Ah Austin, it’s such a wonderful place. It’s the music capital of the world fist off, but that’s not all that Austin is. A reason that I love Austin is that, Austin, has so many parks and lakes for you to run around or swim in.

  7. I love Austin, I’ve lived here my whole life. First of all it’s absolutely gorgeous, and second of all its so unique. If you go to any other city, it’s so boring but Austin has so much to offer.

  8. I haven’t lived in Austin for that long. I used to live in Shreveport, Louisiana. But so far what I have enjoyed going to Zilker park, Dave & Busters, And Main event. They’re are fun places to visit that we don’t have in Louisiana. I haven’t been to everything here but so far I like this place.

  9. I love Austin because it has a lot of really good food and it’s really clean compared to most cities. I also really like all the activities you can do here too, unlike small towns.

  10. Austin is the best city of all because of all the sounds the nice it has the best atmosphere. I love all thing you can do in austin

  11. Austin is absolutely beautiful!! I bike around the lake sometimes and during the summer I went rowing and paddle boarding, and a swan tried to attack me!!!

  12. I lived in round rock for 2 years and I have now lived in Austin for 3 weeks and it is awesome! I like how much forest there is and the Colorado river is so close. Great place!

  13. This may be the first comment from someone who doesn’t “love” Austin. Sure, its a great city and the fastest growing in the US, but I would like to live in a larger, more cultured city when I grow up. And by the way, we live in the United States, but people from the US don’t say “Howdy Y’all” they say “Hello” or “Hi”. At least the imagery is very nice, especially the view of the Frost Bank Tower.

  14. I love Austin because of the electric atmosphere and the live music and the awesome and fun vibe of downtown, I especially love the Melting Pot in downtown, it is this AMAZING chocolate fondue place.

  15. I love Austin and it’s probably my favorite city! Some of my favorite things are the lake, the weather, the music, the food, and the atmosphere! There is so much in ATX that is great!

  16. I love Austin! It has so many options for gluten free people like myself to eat. You can’t get that kind of service everywhere.

  17. I love Austin I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. One of the reasons that I love Austin is because of it’s size, it not to big like New York City (no offense), but its not a small town (no offense), it is just the right size.

  18. Austin is such an amazing place! My family and I love music and this is just the place to see and hear some of the best artists around.

  19. I love Austin, I have lived in Austin my entire life, and there is still things I have not experienced yet. I’ve never seen the bats under the bridge, but it sounds like so much fun. One of the things I have done here in Austin is paddleboard down Lady Bird Lake, it was a lot of fun to jump off the board and try to get back on it without falling off again.

  20. I’ve been living in Austin for 7 years, and I must say It’s quite a happening town. It does not match up with all the stereo types of Texas.

  21. Austin is Great. The lake at night and the bats flying out is amazing. We separate ourselves from other cities with all the attractions such as the bats, the lake, the people and the super good food. I am very glad I live in Austin!

  22. Since I live right by the lake, it has always been one of my favorite things to do in Austin. Also, the live music is all over Austin and is always a blast to see!

  23. I love Austin! My favorite thing about it is going to South Congress and seeing all the cool stores, weird people, and eating the great food!

  24. I love Austin because of the lakes. We have three lakes to go to, where we can swim, water-ski, wakeboard, scurf and inner tube. It’s great to have them since it gets so hot.

  25. I love Austin, I have lived in Round Rock and Austin and I think Austin is a lot better because of the people, schools, and all my friends are here!

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